As a Fitness Trainer new clients tend to ask me how many days I think they should be working out per week. There are so many things to factor in when either beginning a fitness program or maintaining a program.

You need to look at your lifestyle and your goals and workout the right balance of fitness. Define what fitness means to you and begin to follow the SMART rule and attain balanced health and fitness.



Start by setting goals and be specific. If you’ve been inspired by someone who currently works out 5-6 days a week, that’s great! Keep in mind that this person has gained the experience to reach this level of fitness.

Set both long term and short term goals and be specific. Always keep those long term goals in mind, but you need to stay focused on your short term goals because they will lead you to the results that you are looking for.


When setting your goals they must be maintainable. Start by assessing your current lifestyle and be completely honest with yourself. Is there something that you could give up in order to get in some type of activity? Does the television of social media rob you of your precious time? Do you have children that play sports or elderly parents that need attending to?

Don’t ignore your everyday roles but make sure to take the time and attend to your needs as well. This could mean starting out with exercising once or twice per week. You might start by working with a trainer in your area or pop in to some group fitness classes.


Your goals must be achievable. I really believe that you can do anything you put your mind to. Again, what is achievable for you and your lifestyle will differ from somebody else. Know what it is that you want to achieve and know exactly why it is you want to achieve this goal. Once you have reached your goal, get started with the next one on your list.

balanced health and fitness


Be realistic about how long something will take to achieve. Prioritize your schedule and every step you take will lead you closer to your goal. Don’t put a timeline on everything and enjoy the process. Sometimes we get so caught up on achieving something by a certain time that we miss out on all the lessons along the way.

You might get there later than you had originally planned, but what matters the most is that you enjoy the process as you get there.


Stay true to who you are as an individual. Always be authentic and stick to your core values. Try different things and if you don’t enjoy something, then move on. I absolutely love lifting weights. This doesn’t mean that you should lift weights too. Your thing could be yoga, walking, and running, biking or dancing.

Whatever it is that lights you up from the inside out, make sure to do it!

I believe no matter what your lifestyle looks like, you can always make time to take care of your health and fitness. Clear your head from some of the everyday madness by meditating, journaling or reading. Aim to do something daily that will strengthen your physical, mental, spiritual and emotional fitness.

When you find something you truly enjoy, you will make time for it. Start small and be consistent. Stay focused and be persistent. Be patient and witness how your life will transform. Balanced health, fitness and lifestyle is achievable.

Eventually that everyday madness will be a thing from the past!

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