Ever wonder where that flab of fat came from that is not quite under your arm, but more on your back? We women call it bra fat and it can truly be a frustrating area to slim down. With a little diet clean up and 3 great back fat exercises (that maybe) you didn’t know existed, you can trim up that area before your next beachside vacation or holiday event.

First, lets get the housekeeping taken care of. Take a good, hard look at the times of day you are eating as well as what you are eating. Your daily food intake should consist of lean proteins, a lot of vegetables (raw and slightly cooked), some fruit when a sweet craving comes on, whole grains (such as rice and quinoa as opposed to processed pastas and white breads), plenty of water and ample calories by the end of the day.

As for timing of food, work on ridding your office space of the afternoon chocolates and begin shutting down your kitchen by six or seven in the evening, depending on your personal schedule. In addition, eating too close to bedtime is not a good idea for most people because it can make you feel bloated, cause heart burn and even interrupt your sleep.


When we think about any area of our body, we must realize that we can indeed target train. This means, we can focus on a particular part of the body that we would love to change. Here we are targeting the back in efforts towards a leaner v-taper and a reduction in the over-hang of fat seen in the mid to lower back area.

Through any back training we should also realize that in the beginning, non-weighted and low weight exercises may be the best. In our high tech world our posture has suffered causing the muscles of the back (and beyond) to weaken. These exercises are great for anyone and can easily be integrated into any upper body workout and progressively weight may be added where applicable.

back fat exercises_2

The workout

1. Bat wings

In a standing position, get into proper form by bending your elbows and turning your palms towards your chest. You will then move your arms in an outward motion so that your palms are now facing the sides of your body.

This is your starting position. You will then straighten your arms out, keeping palms facing upwards, without locking your elbows; return your arms back to your starting position of palms facing the sides of your body with elbows bent. This is one complete repetition. Repeat 12-15 times using a weight suitable for your fitness level.

2. Down-dog push up

Being familiar with the yoga pose down dog, begin in that position. Raise one leg up off of the ground, pressing your toes towards the ceiling. From this very position, inhale deeply while slowly bending your elbows and moving into a push-up-like position. Exhale and press back up, all while keeping your leg held high. This is one complete repetition. Repeat 12-15 times but on the next set be sure to switch the raised leg.

3. Draw out the back fat

Using an exercise ball, extend your legs behind you and prop your elbows on the ball. Holding your body in a plank-like position, breathe through the motions, belly button pulled in and butt down. Move the ball with your elbows into the shape of the letters:


Remember to begin with at least 5-10 minutes of warming up and end with some simple stretches. Perform this sequence at least twice per week, and allow yourself 24-48 hours in between each session. Get ready for a true reduction in back fat and make way for a svelte behind.

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