The embarrassment of excess fat can cause quite an uproar when you are strolling across a sandy beach or lying face-down on the deck of a pool at a fancy resort while on vacation. When it comes specifically to bulging back fat, you might be safe while wearing a shirt, but once the exterior layer comes off, there’s nowhere to hide.

No need to worry though. As long as you follow my actionable tips, you will be excited to step into a phone booth like Clark Kent and quickly change from your street clothes to swimming attire in zero point two seconds. Of course, this will take some work and a bit of sacrifice.

First things first, get your mind right.

In order to achieve a monumental goal, you have to act as if you are already in possession of it. It’s the basic premise of the law of attraction. Simply put, where attention goes, energy flows.

See yourself with a chiseled, svelte back and don’t let that thought out of your mind for a second. You’ll be surprised at how much easier it then comes to you.

Next on the agenda; don’t be fooled by spot reduction.

Yes, you know exactly what I’m talking about. Weight is lost through the entire body as one unit.

You can’t just do one exercise for a fat area and expect it to get thinner. Having said that, you’re still not getting out of doing exercise! You’re just going to take the right approach.

Back exercises are important because they help tone your muscles and make you look gorgeous and sexy, but they won’t make a lick of difference if you don’t address the fact that you have fat to get rid of.

Include both weight training AND cardio into your exercise plan.

back bulge2

Adding muscle will boost your metabolism so it is always a must for weight loss of any kind. Focus on doing exercises that target all areas of your back, such as pull-ups, deadlifts, back rows, reverse flys and back extensions.  Perform three weight training workouts a week on non-consecutive days.

For cardio, step on the gas! Don’t waste your time with long duration, low intensity training. It’s still beneficial and will burn calories, but high-intensity interval training gives you more bang for your buck.

Start your workouts with a light five-minute warmup and then go as hard as you can for 30 seconds. Lighten the load for one minute and then go hard again for 30 seconds. Alternate back and forth for 30 minutes and finish with a light five-minute cooldown.

The higher the intensity of the workout, the shorter it can be. You get a tremendous boost in metabolism when you are done and that is the key element. Add three interval workouts a week to your plan and do them on non-weight training days.

The type of cardio you choose is irrelevant. Just be sure to do something you like or you WILL have to drag yourself through it with a snarl on your face. Nobody likes someone with their face all scrunched up so smile and be happy while working out.

Last but not least, do a dietary makeover.

To promote faster weight loss, give up a few calories and feast on foods that are as whole and natural as possible. Even a moderate caloric reduction like 250 calories a day can point you in the right direction.

If you couple that with a 250-calorie burn from exercise, then you will be on track to lose 1 lb per week. And remember, this will be through your whole body, which includes your back!

OK, that should do it. Follow these tips to perfection and you can conceivably be back-bulge-free in six to eight weeks. If at any point in your journey you start slipping or lose motivation, go ahead and contact me for a quick chi hit.

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