When it comes to training, there are a ton of routines and many ways to workout to get the results you are after. But training is not a one size fits all proposition. What may work for you may not work for your training partner or someone else. But what is universal in growth, gains and defining a muscle is how you perform each movement.

The varying factor is sets and reps NOT form.

Let’s dive into the best way to ignite your back and biceps workout 


If you choose to combine these two muscle groups into one training session, let’s stick with a basic routine that leaves out the super sets, tri sets and any other complex exercise combinations.

I believe greatly in all types of varied training to shock the system into growth but a good solid straight set routine is the foundation to build on.

The below routine is a well rounded one that hits both muscles at every angle.

Form is imperative in engaging the proper muscle(s) and not utilizing others to assist in the movement. The key to this is doing each exercise in a controlled, steady and concentrated movement. I recommend 4 seconds on contraction and 6 seconds on extension. So on a bicep curl it would be 4 seconds up and 6 seconds down. Here is a workout plan you can follow until muscle “boredom” sets in and it’s time to change it up:

Unless noted follow this method for each exercise: 4 sets, increasing weight on each set starting with 15 reps/12/10/8


1. Pullups. Warm-Up. 2 sets (to failure)

2. Wide-Grip Lat Pulldown.

3. One-Arm Dumbbell Row.

4. Rope Straight-Arm Pulldown.

Back and Biceps


1. Barbell Curl. 7 full, 7 partial top to halfway, 7 partial bottom to halfway.

2. Spider Curl.

3. Reverse Barbell Curl.

Stick with this routine until you see your body is no longer “feeling it” and then switch it up a bit with a good super set routine that will again get your muscles pumped and ready to grow.

Training is a learning proposition

Learn to know your body and feel when it’s time to make changes. It takes time to get this mind-body connection going but once you do the gains keep coming!

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