If you are one of those individuals who find gyms not your scene don’t worry. There is no need for the gym with these at home upper body workouts. Try alternating between these two workouts with five exercises each. Perform 2-3 sets of 8-15 repetitions for each exercise. Limit your rest time between sets to 15-30 seconds. Attempt to achieve temporary muscle fatigue during the last set of each exercise. Be sure not to break form simply to achieve another repetition. Total workout time should be 15-20 minutes.

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Workout A


1. Crawling Push Ups

Crawl across the floor and with each move forward perform a push up.

2. Chair Dips

Place your hands on the seats of two chairs with your feet on the floor or on another chair. Lower your hips to the floor and push upward.

3. Upward & Downward Dog

Perform this 5,000 year old yoga move. Hands and feet on the floor. Push your hips back and up before lowering down and forward. Control the action with your arms and shoulders.

4. Bent Over Arm Circles

Bend at the hips with your back flat and knees softly bent. Keep your arms fairly straight as you raise them out to your side and around toward your head, then back toward the floor. Create circles in each direction (light dumbbells can be used for higher intensity).

5. Straight Arm Bridge

Sit on the floor leaning back with your straight arms supporting you. Raise the hips up as high as possible while keeping your arms straight.

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Workout B

1. Handstand Push Ups

Kick up into a handstand (you can rest your heels against a wall for support). Bend at the elbows to lower your head gently to the floor. Press back up to the starting point.

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2. Handstand Shoulder Taps

While in the same handstand position, lift one hand off the floor and tap the opposite shoulder. Alternate tapping hands.

3. Doorknob Pull Ups

Hold on to both doorknobs (door must be open) while lying on the side of the door. Keep your body rigid as you lift yourself off the floor as high as you can.

4. Side to Side Prone Plank

Lower your body into a push up position with both elbows bent. Shift your body over one hand and then shift your body over to the other hand. Do not go up and down but try to stay parallel to the floor.

5. Thread-The-Needle

Place yourself in a prone plank position. Reach one hand under the body and as far to the opposite side as possible. Then reach the arm in the opposite direction to the sky. Your body should rotate with the movement. Repeat using the other arm.

As evident from above, exercising with these 10 at home upper body workouts can be simple and machine-free. Workout B utilizes slightly advanced movements that will come more naturally with practice.

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