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Is brisk walking really as good as jogging?

I always say to my clients that jogging is a better cardio workout because you can burn more calories at a faster rate than walking so it is more efficient to jog vs walking in terms of getting the best workout possible.

Here are the average calorie burn numbers with Walking vs Jogging over a 1 hour duration.

For a 160 pound/72kg person walking at 3.5mph for an hour the calorie burn is 314 calories. For jogging at 5mph the calories burn is 606 calories per hour. Based on these numbers jogging is on average double the amount of calorie burn vs walking.

If you have bad joints and you are an older person then walking maybe ideal for you and that is perfectly ok because you can still get a great workout walking.  Just make sure that it is a fast brisk walk with a good arm swing, which will heighten more calorie burn. Some of the benefits of walking is calorie burn, raising your HDL cholesterol levels and lowering your blood pressure so you can clearly see that you obtain the same health benefits that you would jogging.

The American Heart Association recommends at least 150 minutes per week of moderate activity for a healthy heart and for overall cardiovascular health. And walking would be considered part of that physical activity.

I’ve heard that flexibility is 80% genetic. Can we really train to make a big difference in our flexibility?

Your genetic makeup definitely plays a part in your flexibility but to say it is 80% genetics is something I don’t particularly agree with and is a much embellished number.

As an athlete most of my life I’ve seen many people who weren’t that flexible in their early years evolve into being very flexible when they incorporated a structured regular program that involved lots of stretching and flexibility exercises. So you can improve your flexibility dramatically if you stretch on a regular basis.

I look at stretching just like strength training and if you stop strength training you are going lose strength and if you stop stretching then you are going to lose a lot of flexibility.

It is one of those things you have to do on a regular basis to maintain your flexibility. If you are big person whether you are very muscular or very fat that will dictate the amount of super flexible positions you get into. If you live a sedentary lifestyle and are older then you typically will be less flexible and will have to work harder but you can improve your flexibility significantly and your genetics won’t handcuff you!.

StrongPic_edited_2I want to shed some fat but mainly tone up, get stronger and generally fitter. What ratio of weights: CV should my programme involve?

Weight-training and cardiovascular work hand in hand when it comes to getting stronger, getting leaner and being more toned. If your goal is to shed more fat then I would have you doing at least 4 days of cardio per week but if your goal is to get stronger and get more tone then I would advise you to weight-train at least 4 days a week.

The ratio vs weights and cardio will be predicated based on what your primary goals are. Is it to shed fat or is it to get stronger and get more tone? If your goal is to have all of that then I would advise you to have a more balanced weight-training and cardio program meaning training weight and cardio at least minimally 4 days a week

What key vitamin supplements should I be looking to add to my diet now that I am training 3-4 times a week and want to maximize my fitness and strength gains.

Remember that supplements are meant to assist you in your fitness goals not do the work by themselves.  And too many people in the fitness world think a supplement is like a magic pill and will automatically give you muscles and make your drop body-fat.  If that was the case none of us would workout and we would just pop pills all day long!

First I would say a Whey Protein supplement which is beneficial for muscle growth, repair and maintenance purposes as well as decreasing cortisol levels. The reason why you would take a whey protein on a daily basis is because most of us don’t get enough protein from our foods so consuming a potent protein supplement will assist with what we don’t get in our diet.

Scientific research has shown that taking a daily creatine supplement will help the average fitness enthusiast gain lean muscle mass and gain strength and it also has shown it will also help increase sports performance activities.

The third supplement is Glutamine which helps to maintain muscle mass, prevent the breakdown of muscle aka catabolism and helps with recovery from rigorous exercise and naturally increases your growth hormone levels. If you incorporate these three supplements along with your eating healthy and exercising regularly, then it will definitely help to assist you in your respective fitness and strength goals.

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