Have you ever wanted to have shapely arms like (fill in your favorite celebrity’s name) but are not sure how to get it? Does exercise and lifting dumb bells intimidate you? Most women tend to work on their bicep muscles and omit the other muscles in the arms such as the triceps and forearms.

In order to have a noticeable change and achieve those shapely arms, the opposing muscles must be worked as well. This will give the appearance of toned arms. Most women tend to complain about the back of the arms being “jiggly”.The biceps and triceps are antagonist muscles meaning that as one contracts the other extends.

The biceps brachii consists of two muscles – a long head and short head which originate at the scapula and extend to the forearm. It is the long outer head that gives the biceps that peak when flexed. The triceps brachii consists of three muscles – a long head, medial head and lateral head. It connects the humerus and scapula to the ulna bone in the forearm.


The forearm consists of extensor muscles in the posterior and flexor muscles in the anterior portion. It is very important to stretch these as this will provide great relief for wrist issues.Please focus on the muscle being worked as this encourages growth.

When working the biceps and curling up, go down slowly as you will feel the burn and this will aid in shaping those arms. Do the same when working the forearms and doing hammer curls. It is very important to watch your posture and stand correctly when working with dumbbells so that you do not injure your back. Keep those abdominal muscles in to support your back. Always breathe out on the hard part (ex. curling up for biceps or extending for triceps).

Working with dumbbells is a great way to practice functional movement as our bodies tend to move in different directions. Standing will also engage other muscles in the body for support. Some exercises have also been included for shapely shoulders such as front and lateral raises. When performing seated incline hammer curls and seated incline bicep curls, sit on a bench at a 45 degree angle.

Triceps dips can be performed on a comfortable chair or couch with bent knees. Be careful that you do not extend too far with the arms as this can irritate the shoulders and cause injury.I have also included cross body mountain climbers to work the obliques (love handles) and to get the heart rate up. Here are a few simple arm workouts for women that you can use to build and sculpt your arms. These exercises can be performed at home or the gym if you prefer.

Workout 1 (use dumbbells, mid-heavy weight)

– Triceps kickback 12
– Seated incline bicep curl 12
– Triceps push down 12
– Seated Incline hammer curl 12
– Standing bicep curl 12
– Triceps extensions 12

(Repeat this set with a lighter weight at 20 repetitions)

3 uncomplicated arm workouts for women-02

Workout 2 (use dumbbells with comfortable weight)

– Standing upright rows 15
– Standing hammer curls 15
– Front and lateral raise 10 (total 20)
– Cross body hammer curl 15
– Seated concentration curl 15
– Arm circles (very light weight) 10 clockwise and counterclockwise
– Seated incline triceps extension 15

(Repeat this set)

Workout 3 (performed using bodyweight or resistance bands)

– Triceps dips 20
– Band bicep curls 20
– Pushups 15 (wall, knees or toes, decline for a challenge)
– Plank 30 seconds on elbows
– Band static 1 arm curl 15 (curl down slowly)
– Cross body mountain climbers 20 seconds (slowly, knees to opposite elbows)

(Repeat, performed as a circuit)

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