Are you sick and tired of having a pair of noodles hanging out of your sleeves, instead of arms you can be proud of? Are you serious about building nice forearms and upper arms to fill out any t-shirt or polo? If so, then I have an arm workout for mass building that you can easily apply to your personal programme.

The TUT Principle: a path for constructing an arm workout for mass

Acquiring an arm workout for mass means that you must train for mass, it’s really that simple. If you want to build size this comes from adopting a style of training which is specific for this purpose. I know this might sound obvious, but just follow me on this one.


The point is that bodybuilders have done this for years and the key to this type of exercise is understanding what is known as the TUT Principle (Time Under Tension).  The more time you maintain constant tension on a muscle (or muscle group), the more it will grow. Arnold Schwarzenegger often initiated this by applying his peak contraction technique. This meant that he would contract and hold the muscle at its peak to maximize tension and to stimulate as much muscular growth as possible. This, along with higher hypertrophy rep ranges (between 6 & 12 reps), would drastically increase the TUT and in turn produce more significant muscular growth.

An example of this is performing a bicep curl and holding the curl at the mid-point of the motion, anywhere from a brief moment to several seconds at a time. Additionally, you can do the same thing for the triceps in an extension as well.

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The multi-joint solution

Now single joint movements such as arm curls and tricep extensions work well on isolating individual muscles, but for me, I also like to use another technique for my students who want to develop a solid arm workout for mass multi-joint movements.

Consider your typical pull up motion. Pull ups definitely train the arms, but they also stimulate growth from the arms and into the shoulder girdle and lats as well. The added stimulation of the bigger muscle groups will in turn produce an optimal arm muscle size. Additionally, the same thing can be done with the triceps by performing the dips mentioned earlier.

Here’s a sample of what an effective arm workout for mass might look like with both the peak contraction and multi-joint movements simultaneously put into play.

arm workout for mass

The arm workout for mass

Close grip bench press: 3 sets 10 reps (On 10th rep slowly lower the bar to your chest for added TUT)

Pull Ups: 3×6-8 (On the 6th rep slowly lower your body back down away from the bar for several seconds)

Dips: 3×12 (On the 12th rep descend to the mid-point of the range of motion and hold for 6 to 10 seconds)

Arm Curl To Shoulder Press: 3×6-8 (No static hold)

I guarantee you that if you scale the workout towards your own personal abilities, you will feel like someone inflated and energized your arms like never before.  The bigger blood “pump” will immediately be noticeable to you after initiating both of these techniques.

When most people focus in on a single body part, they tend to neglect other more fundamental necessities that are crucial for overall physical development. It takes more than just solely training arms in order to build a set of arms.

I always like to end by saying that anyone can train hard, but only the best train smart! Start your smart training today by initiating a more effective arm workout for mass so that you can proudly go fill out those sleeves!

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