Do you need some help getting rid of upper arm flab and the goodbye jiggles? This is a very common aim of so many people, particularly when it is party dress or short sleeve season!

With that in mind I have created for you a specific workout to target this problem area.

Try this 10-minute arm routine to get those upper arms toned and shapely


Perform it as a circuit, where you go through each exercise for the correct number of repetitions and then repeat all of the exercises for the correct number of circuits. Perform 20-25 repetitions on each exercise for 3 circuits.

Try to make sure you are getting enough cardiovascular exercise and following good nutrition as well.

So lets have a look at the exercises…

Muscle Exercises:

– High Pulley Extensions.

Key points. On a high pulley face away from the cable. Lean forward so your upper body is parallel to the floor as well as the upper arms. Keeping your elbows stationary, extend your arms straight out in front of your head. Bend the elbows and return your hands to your head. Repeat for the correct number of repetitions.

Major muscles involved: Long head of Triceps.

Minor muscles involved: Lateral and Medial head of Triceps.

– Incline Curls

Key points: Start with your torso reclined back slightly, your palms facing your body and your arms hanging straight down at your side. Keeping the elbows behind your body, curl your hands up to your shoulders. Twist your wrists so that your palms are facing up and towards your body at the top of the exercise (supinate) and pronate on the descent so palms face sides when weights are lowered.

Major muscles involved: Biceps, emphasizing the long head.

Minor muscles involved: Brachialis, Forearms.

arm toning exercises_2– Dumbbell Kickbacks

Key points: With knees bent, bend forward from hip until your upper body is parallel to the floor. Keep your elbows pinned in at your side and extend the forearms straight back keeping the upper arm parallel to floor.

Major muscles involved: Triceps.

– Hammer Curls

Key points: Start with your palms facing your body and your arms hanging straight down at your side. Keeping the elbows in at your side, curl your hands up to your shoulders. Keep a neutral grip throughout the movement.

Major muscles involved: Brachialis, and Forearms.

Minor muscles involved: Biceps

– Tricep Push-Ups

Key points: Place your hands shoulder width apart on an immovable cross bar. The further back the feet are placed, the harder the exercise is (like an extended push-up). Keep the elbows in by your side. Lean forward as far as possible. Extend your arms to push your body back.

Major muscles involve: Triceps.

If you follow this programme and stick with it, you will target that upper arm problem area and you will see toning, shaping and fat shifting results over time. And when you do you will proudly wear that party dress, t-shirt or vest!

Please feel free to contact me with any questions and visit WatchFit for more tips and exercises.

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