Stretching is often the neglected part of a workout, yet important for recovery and injury prevention.  No matter what your preferred type of exercise, keeping your body limber is crucial to performance and overall health.

Many activities require strong yet flexible arm muscles including racquet, catching, and throwing sports, Yoga, swimming, hockey, gymnastics, golf, weight lifting, and even running and biking. However, many day to day activities also put stress and tension on the flexors, extensors, and rotators of the arms, shoulders, and wrists.

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Although there are many excellent stretches to consider, here are some for three key arm muscle groups: the triceps, biceps, and shoulders.  All stretches should be performed without holding the breath, should not cause pain, try to focus on relaxing, and held from 15 to 30 seconds.

Triceps: located on the back of the upper arm that is primarily responsible for extension/straightening of the arm at the elbow.

These stretches are for one arm at a time.

1. Stand or sit with a straight back and raise arms above the head

Bend one arm so the palm of the hand reaches down toward the mid back

Hold the elbow of the bent arm with the other hand

Gently pull the bent arm toward your head

Repeat with the other arm

2. Variation/advanced – grab the wrist of the bent arm and gently pull backward and repeat on other side

Biceps: located on the front of the upper arm that is primarily responsible for flexion/bending of the forearm and supinating/turning the forearm outward.  These two stretches are for both arms at the same time.

3. Stand or sit with a straight back and raise both arms to the side at shoulder height

Twist/rotate both arms from the shoulders so that the palms are facing backward

arm stretches3

4. Variation/advanced

– with straight arms behind the back, clasp hands together, palms facing down, and slowly raise arms upward

Shoulders: made up of a number of muscles and the most flexible joints in the body. The first stretch is for both shoulders, the second is one at a time.

5. Stand with a straight back and put hands on the hips thumbs pointed back

With elbows bent outwards move both arms forward keeping hands on hips.

6. Stand or sit with a straight back and raise one arm across the chest

Straighten the arm but do not lock the elbow with the opposite hand hold the elbow of the crossed arm keeping shoulders relaxed and level, gently push the arm into the chest.

Repeat with the other arm.

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