Intense workouts are my favorite.  I love to lift heavy 98% of the time. How about you?  Everyone needs time to recover from intense and/or constant movement or stress of the activities that many of us participate in.

It is best to stretch every muscle after working them before you have an injury.  Especially a major injury that could have been prevented.  I believe it to be difficult to get as much of a stretch as many of need especially for those of us that are bigger.

My main source for stretching is my jungle gym.  With my jungle gym I stretch my upper body in ways that I have not been able to before.  Soothing arm and shoulder stretches to do post workout with a jungle gym are based on your position.  Meaning your body is the resistance and it is up to you to utilize less intense or more intense stretch.


You can see some of the stretches that you can/should utilize of my youtube channel.  The higher you are from the floor the less intense the stretch.  The closer you are to the floor the more intense the stretch will be.  It feels great especially if you have not felt it before and for those of us that have felt it before appreciate it every time.


Either way stretch.  Also when stretching if you feel an overabundance of pain my recommendation is for you to do some research and see a chiropractor.  I go to see my chiropractor once each month for maintenance.  It will help with recovery and performance along with getting a massage from a licensed massage therapist.

I will have more videos showing you how to stretch each muscle and what to use.  Soothing arm and shoulder stretches to do post workout are important to do immediately afterward to increase blood flow throughout the body, reduce soreness avoid preventable injury(s).  Also depending on the amount of soreness utilizing myofascial release.

Myofascial release a.k.a self massage involves using certain equipment to massage soreness as best as you can on your own for the upper and lower body. Like the jungle gym foam rollers, tennis and golf balls are my recommendations to self massage.  I use a different size foam rollers for my thighs, upper lats/rhomboids, hamstrings and sometimes my calves. For my feet I use a tennis ball.  Again I will post more videos showing how to utilize myofascial release and what to use.


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