In Part 1 yesterday Helena started to address the worst ‘crimes’ when it comes to Personal Trainers working with clients and the biggest mistakes they might make. Here she concludes her feature with further mistakes that can can have an immediate negative impact on their reputation and business.

Picking up my points from yesterday:

4. Being approachable is a must.


No client wants a scrooge face training him or her! It is vital he or she feels comfortable training with you, so be engaging, personable and don’t forget to smile!

5. Business is business, right? Not quite!

How you are treated in your workouts may be directly related to how much you are paying for the session.

There are trainers who treat their high-end or celebrity clients 100% differently than they treat their regular clients; they go from being upbeat and super focused to being their ‘normal selves’ with a non-celebrity or lower paying client.

This is entirely inappropriate. Everybody paying you is worthy of your absolute focus and attention.

6. Clients pick up on this, if they are getting a lazy service, they will simply take their business elsewhere.

In that sense they are in charge of the situation and the PT does well to remember that.

7. Stop the bitching about other Personal Trainers. 

Clients don’t want to hear the politics that go on in the gym – and believe me there can be a lot of personal politics!

It makes you as a trainer look unconfident with how you conduct your services. And there is the other factor that might cross your clients mind; when they are not in your presence are you talking about them and, if so, what are you saying?

8. Practice what you preach.

As a Personal Trainer, you are expected to set an example of being healthier with your lifestyle choices.

annoying personal trainers_3Think again.

Though a Personal Trainer would never likely suggest their clients take stimulants or diet pills to get or stay thin, nowadays many of them do, by encouraging quick fix solution (an example being Herbalife), this only highlights an individual trainers lack of knowledge on the subject.

This then leads to clients questioning their trainer if they are right person to be guiding them to obtain their goals and  desired results.

9. Reading and updating knowledge regularly is a must and clients must feel they can ask questions and expect answers from their trainer, not just receive advice and instruction all the time. 

If you’re a trainer who is particularly excellent at marketing at yourself, you have just placed expectations on your services. That is fair enough of course, you are your brand and you have to sell it. However, you also have to live up to it! 

10. Lacking proper fitness assessments carried out on clients, example: fat pinch test, fitness levels, weighing, eating habits and an understanding of their clients, and their requirements, if they have any disabilities etc. 

Demonstrate to their client that they are not catering to their needs and this will look incompetent and make it clear the Trainer is just after the client’s money and is less interested in proper tailored attention.

11. No one wants a ‘pervy’ trainer, know your boundaries with your clients and treat him/her with your upmost respect at all times. Do not be creepy! 

You can look at it like this – if you had a sister and brother and they were treated like this, you would not like it.  Furthermore, that’s somebody else’s sister/brother or daughter.

12. Always look focused and engaging.

There nothing worse than a client trying to communicate with their Personal Trainer, only to look up and their attention is elsewhere apart from their client.

13. Listening to your client is essential.

Whether they are a chatterbox and want to talk about their day, that’s fine, but as a Personal Trainer it their job to ensure that all exercises are explained and carried out safely and effectively.

Paying attention to their clients fully makes it easier to identify their weak spots, for future in order to strengthen that area.

14. No one like a bragger.

Be honest with your client and never promise them you will make them lose loads of weight in X amount of time, you are not with them 24/7 and have no hold of their eating habits and lifestyle 24-7.

15.  No one likes to be shouted at nor made to feel incompetent if a client is not able to perform a given exercise. 

This frustrates the client; furthermore it makes them feel uncomfortable and annoyed. Instead, a Personal Trainer should demonstrate to their client support, consideration and encouragement.

If a client is performing wrongly, maybe the PT needs to perhaps look at the ways they are explaining exercises to their clients.

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