The formula to an effective workout

Let’s look at why we work out. Some, especially when you are younger, do it for just that – to get a good, tough, physical training session. Others, as with athletes, are training for a specific purpose. And still others just want to get results as quickly and effortlessly as possible. I don’t know about you, but my athletic days are in the rear view mirror, so rest firmly with the third group.

The better the results, with the smaller the amount of exertion, the better!  Now we all know that if you put nothing into it, one will get nothing out of it. So, the formula should be to try to get the most possible out of the least amount of effort. Okay, then here is how you can build your best body, with the least amount of effort, in the least amount of time!


I try to keep my workout to under 20 minutes. Now I know that the under 30 crowd is freaking out about now, saying that this is not possible, that you have to be in the gym for a minimum of 45-60 minutes to get a good workout. That is just not the case. Let me explain.

Keep this formula in mind: Effort = Intensity x Duration and we certainly hope that increasing the effort will ultimately maximize the results to your body. Since we are cutting down on the duration to 20 minutes, we simply must increase the intensity, and that is the key to better results! How? By increasing the effort, and decreasing the time. Here is the way the anaerobic workout would look (for simplicity’s sake, I try to do the 5 main movements during an all-over workout: push, pull, legs, abs, and heart for cardio).

Anaerobic Workout

1) Training Rope

30-45 seconds – start two handed, switch to one handed, then spread eagles with both arms overhead. Finish with two handed until your time is up.

2) Bench press

5-8 reps of a high intensity weight and make sure you have a  training partner to spot you – if you are not near a bench press, push ups will serve as a similar function.

3) Double kettlebell clean and jerk (or press)

8-10 reps. Do not go too heavy until your form is great – too much weight causes poor form and injury

4) Ab roller (wheel)

10 reps, trying to get your nose close to the floor

Rest 1 minute between exercise and 2 minutes at the end of the set. Repeat exercises 1, 2, 3 and 4 for a second set, but do not push it too much, too soon. You will find that eventually you can work up to 20 minutes, but you will be too fatigued with this all-over workout to do too much more than 2 complete sets to start out with.

What this anaerobic workout will do, with its intensity and effort, is naturally release your body’s  human growth hormone (don’t worry women, you won’t get too bulky because you don’t have enough natural testosterone to get very big and bulky). Guys, you will get bigger, stronger, and more defined. Women, you will get toned and more shapely. Done properly, this is a win-win for everybody!

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