Summer is more or less upon us and there is a whole new focus for the fitness fan who likes to aim for a specific goal, purpose and beach body. As usual, the industry turns it’s attention to clients that want to “Get fit for Summer” or “Get a beach body”, “Bikini body” and suchlike.

These are great annual themes that only seem to get more and more attention and bigger and bigger armies of followers. Many fitness professionals will use this angle to repackage routines and sessions to fit the trend, but is there other routes you can go that might be slightly more unconventional but likely to be an attractive alternative to formula based disciplines.

Fun new ways to get that beach body

Activity based outdoor sessions are a growing corner of the niche fitness market. Think Boot Camp, but instead of repetitive and often uninspired routines, replace with team based competitive “sports” that are fun, energising and motivating.

Savvy outdoor fitness experts are treading new ground by introducing variations on games such as Dodge Ball Tag or Rounders, to keep clients inspired and engaged. These type of team building activities are fun and addictive.

Obstacle courses and relay races are growing in popularity and really can be an absolute blast. For example, using team members as “weights” to be carried is physically demanding and entertaining! Clients who enter into the spirit of these sessions are hugely rewarded as they find the tasks physically demanding and mentally stimulating.

Not everyone is great at team sports but the fun element usually overrides this and the team games used in these sessions combine cardio, strength and HIIT principles that are great for getting ready for the Summer break. Another interesting fitness concept that is slowly being embraced, is the slow and steady approach to getting ready for Summer. Check out this beach body workouts that will give you bikini look

“Fitness Grazing” is another alternative approach that pretty much flips every fitness trend on it’s head. Instead of pounding away at your maximum output for a short space of time,”grazers” prefer to break their sessions into bite sized portions throughout their normal day.

Exercises are picked for the day and then performed at every opportunity. Office workers for instance, may decide that for every hour at the desk, they have to plank for a minute, or every toilet break, they will also do press ups.

Similarly at home, exercises are performed during every commercial break on the TV, or during chores such as walking the dog or taking about the rubbish or even just while the kettle boils for your cup of tea. All of which can be great times to execute the next set of reps!

This approach to working out cuts out visits to the gym or attending a class, and though it requires a short amount of time input, it can actually be a be a great way to achieve fitness goals over time and get fit before the holidays.

alternative ways to beach body_2

Dance your way to the beach

Then there is the relatively recent explosion in dance based fitness sessions which has made many of us realise how genuinely effective dancing is as a superb all round way of getting fit and maintaining fitness and mobility. “Night Clubbing” can be the longest fitness session of the week!

And for many fitness conscious “clubbers”, a great opportunity to burn a thousand calories a session (as long as you are not putting back 2,000 calories at the bar!). Fit savvy dance divas are ditching the alcohol and after hours munchies, and concentrating on dancing the night away, staying healthily hydrated as they go.

We have all experienced nights out spent dancing and having a great time, it doesn’t take a great leap of the imagination to translate that night out into a sweat fest. Spend four hours dancing in a club and feel the fat burning up as you shake your stuff!

Unconventional approaches to getting ready for Summer that your PT may not endorse, but unconventional needn’t mean dismissed – try thinking sideways in the run up to that beach holiday! Have a happy Summer!

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