In Part 2 of this interview feature with Alexandra Leqouix, the multi-talented TV presenter and fitness professional continues to talk about her work, her fitness, the extreme physical obstacles she has faced, and also her new yoga DVD.


Q. Your career has already included teaching, acting, modelling, music, TV presenting and now yoga. Where does ‘fitness professional’ fit into your extensive CV?

That is actually a very good question. When you work in a few fields, rather than celebrate that fact people tend to be confused by it and need to know the one area you specialise in.

You would not believe the number of times I have been asked, “So what actually are you?”

Well, as you read earlier, I was a fitness professional in a big way before my fall so now I am just slowly picking up those pieces up as best I can.

In 2016 I spent six weeks at an incredible ashram in Kerala, Southern India training for and achieving my yoga teaching qualifications. By that time, to get my bones back in shape as much as possible, I was doing yoga around six times a week and taking my teaching qualifications was a natural progression for me.

Since then I have been fine-tuning. I’ve been to all sorts of yoga centres worldwide and been taught by some incredible gurus who have passed on their wisdom.


In June 2017 I was approached by IMC Vision who have been producing superb health, fitness and lifestyle films for over 20 years. They asked if I would be interested in making a Beginners Yoga  DVD. Needless to say I jumped at the chance! The idea of combining my experience presenting in front of camera with yoga was my idea of heaven!

Yoga Made Simple was launched at the beginning of 2018 and I’m thrilled how it has turned out. As we do this interview it is No.3 in the Amazon Fitness Chart and is an official ‘Amazon Choice’.

We are already in the early stages of working on the follow-up to Yoga Made Simple which will take a step on into slightly more advanced territory.

Additionally I have been working on building my brand Konasana Yoga which is mainly just on Instagram so far but it will develop further (Insta. @KonasanaYoga)

Q. You have plenty of skills and interests, do you have any particular inspirations you look to for motivation?

Just myself and my gut instinct to be perfectly honest. I am extremely open to new opportunities at all times. I am very much a ‘yes’ person and that approach has generally worked in my favour. I trust in what the universe offers me – but I am extremely ambitious so I also make sure I am in the right places at the right times to make my own luck too!

I immerse myself in each world and learn as much as I possibly can do to try to keep up to date with latest trends in each area be it motorsport, yoga, music and art. I’m like a sponge which has always helped me. I listen lots, observe lots and then do lots!

Q. Tell us what we can expect from your new yoga DVD.

It’s called Yoga Made Simple: for Beginners & Improvers. It truly is for people who have maybe never done yoga before or they need a bit of extra confidence before starting classes, or if they are recovering from an injury and need some help. It is divided into 4 x 20 minute sections: Stretch, Core, Energy and Relaxation. So people can mix up the sections as they wish. The hope is that people enjoy it and then when I release the next level they will want to stay with me on the journey and we can develop together.

In the future I plan on really pushing the mental side too. I am a huge believer in a positive attitude and trusting your gut instinct and so I would like to focus on this in the next yoga DVD too.


Q. What was the experience like filming it and does your TV background help in the presentation and performance?

Yes it was the first time I have ever done this style of video and yes I think it definitely helped having the TV knowledge. I spent weeks writing the script and fine-tuning it. We also recorded the voiceover before the physical which seemed an alien way to do it initially, but IMC Vision have made heaps of successful fitness DVDS and so I trusted their process, and they were right…of course! It worked better that way. So when it came to the practical side, all I had to focus on was listening to my voice and doing the moves in the best way possible.

Q. Career highlights so far and any further ambitions?

I feel so lucky to have had a career so far that has been a succession of highlights. I cannot tell you how much I love my work life. I probably shouldn’t say this, but it’s never work!

I guess my absolute highlights so far:

The day I was called about presenting the World Touring Car Championship and then doing the job. Every weekend I am the happiest human alive. I love it still even after four years!

Last year and this year I presented the live coverage of F1 Singapore. Again, just the most amazing job!

f1-singapore-gp-2017-jackie-stewart-talks-alexandra-legouix-tv-presenterAlexandra with F1 legend and 3 x World Champion Jackie Stewart

Presenting F1 Esports recently was a major highlight and I went to Abu Dhabi to host the finals.

Last year I competed in the Rally Marrakech Sahara. Although this wasn’t ‘work’, it came about as a result of my work. And I cannot tell you how much I loved this. It pushed me to my limits and fueled my ambition to compete in Dakar even more! You wait!

And then my yoga DVD has been a major highlight. I so excited by it and I cannot wait to develop this more and more with IMC Vision with further DVDs planned.

Who knew when my bones were breaking and my ankles had tumours, I’d be presenting my own yoga DVD which is selling all over the world!

Q. If you could perform only three exercises for the rest of your life, what would they be and why?

  1. Plank – For me it’s the best full body workout
  2. Handstand – Apart from the fact I just love being upside down, it’s a great workout!
  3. Goblin squat – I hate squats but I’d have to keep my booty in shape somehow!

Q. Do you have any top tips you can offer readers – something they can do straight away and benefit from?

Listen to your body. It usually knows what it needs. Just ignore the sugar monster voice! I’m a believer in moderation. We cannot all keep up an excessive diet or exercise regimen, so be more realistic. Set small goals and work hard to achieve them and then set more goals. This way prevents overwhelm and being swamped by the bigger picture.

Working on your body is important and fantastic for physical health and wellbeing, but work as hard if not harder on your mental attitude and positivity. Everything is easier once you’ve sorted that bit out.

Listen more.

Always do your best.

Say YES!

* Alexandra Legouix’s yoga DVD ‘Yoga Made Simple’ (IMC Vision) is out now in major high street stores, through the usual online outlets and at

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Twitter – @Legouix

Insta – @alkilegouix

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