I discovered resistance bands years ago when I religiously did the Billy Blanks Tae Bo workout videos. My first series of videos were great as I learned proper technique on punches and kicks.  The next set of videos had us incorporating resistance bands, which really took things up a notch.

I remember doing punches, kicks, jumping jacks and more all while using these individual resistance bands that hooked onto your feet.

That’s when I began to notice my muscles taking their shape.


Resistance bands for full body workout

One of the main reasons I like to use resistance bands is because they maintain constant tension on your muscles.  They are light weight which makes it perfect for travelling and will allow you to get those workouts in on the go.

There are many bands to choose from, so it’s best to test them out to see which ones will perform accordingly with the exercises you plan on doing.

They are usually made from latex and or rubber and some come with a super-strong polypropylene cover.

The benefit of the cover is that if the actual band itself snaps, it will do so inside the cover.  Another benefit of the cover is that it prolongs the life of the band.

Make sure to add the loop bands to your purchase as they create a different type of tension during squats, bridging, hip thrusters and more.

Tips to keep in mind when performing exercises using bands

1. Make sure to position the bands properly so that they don’t rub against your skin.

For example, when doing shoulder presses, I prefer to keep the bands in front of my body.  If I hold them behind my body they tend to rub against my arms which become quite irritating.

2. You can create more tension or release the tension depending on how you step on the band or where your distance is from the door (if the band is attached to a door anchor). Also, make sure to properly place the door anchor so that you are performing moves against the door opening inwards.

3. It is a great idea do have a variety of bands on hand to ensure that you have a great workout.  

In the Resistance Band Full Body Workout below, please note that any exercise described using a Tubing will require utilizing bands with handles.

resistance bands full body workout_2Any exercise described using a Resistance Band (RB) will require the looped resistance bands.

– Start each workout with a full body warm up lasting about 8-10 minutes.  Warm up should include dynamic stretches such as neck rolls, shoulder rolls, arm circles, arm crosses, modified high knees, modified butt kicks, hip openers and hip circles.

– Always end each workout with a proper full body stretch lasting about 10-12 minutes.

– The following moves are to be done back to back with little to no rest in between. Once the circuit workout is complete, rest about a minute and repeat 2 more times.

Resistance Band Full Body Workout

1) Tubing Squats w/ Shoulder Presses (15-20 Reps)

2) Tubing Rows (12-15 Reps)

3) Tubing Chest Presses (12-15 Reps)

4) High Tubing Alternating Biceps Curls (10-12 Reps Each Arm)

5) Tubing Alternating Reverse Grip Triceps Pressdowns (10-12 Reps Each Arm)

6) Alternating Forward Lunge w/ Tubing Pull Aparts (20 Reps)

7) Tubing Lateral Raises (15-20 Reps)

8) RB Squat Jumps (15-20 Reps)

9) RB Bridging (20 Reps)

10) RB Plank Jacks (20-30 Reps)

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