There’s a hundred different ways to keep fit these days. As an instructor myself, I often find it difficult to keep up with the latest classes, sessions and trends.

There was a time not so long ago, that it seemed every month there was a new class launched. Great for clients, but for jobbing instructors, maybe not so much!

Variety is great, but the current trends in the fitness world can almost be compared to other multi million pound industries in the UK, that may be thinking the same way as me.


Current fitness trends

Let me give you an example.

Pick up your TV remote and have a quick flip through all the channels that you have. There’s quite a few available, so if you suddenly decide to watch something on TV, there’s a good chance that you could flick through what’s on for ages, before settling on something that sounds ok, only to get half way through it before you realise it wasn’t the show you thought it was, then change channel again!

Before you know it, you have started to watch half a dozen shows, not really engaged with any of them, realised you have wasted an hour of your life, then decide not to watch TV again.

There’s a real concern in the fitness world that the same thing can be applied

Clients have so much on offer, that they really don’t know what to choose, so they try a few things, find it’s too tough, not tough enough, too dancey, too simple or too repetitive.

After spending hours of their time and money, they finally give up decide fitness might not be for them. Let’s face it, after Zumba exploded onto the fitness world internationally, it seems the floodgates opened for other companies to launch their own fitness class phenomenon.

classes in the fitness industry_2If you are involved in the industry in any way i’m sure you will be aware of Zumba, FitSteps, Clubbercise, Piloxing, Boogie Bounce. Soul Cycle, Meta Fit, Insanity, Barre, Cross Fit, PiYo, the list goes on and on and I haven’t even mentiond Les Mills.

What on earth are clients meant to do?

I can’t imagine where they would even start. It’s all well and good to go online and do a little research, but the advertising and hype that surrounds fitness classes, makes them all sound amazing and interesting to do.

The marketing people know their jobs well, so it must be a minefield for people coming new to exercise, looking for a class to try.

Do they want fun or intensity?

Do people want challenged or gently led?

There’s no way for people to know from an advert what a class is like. It’s like looking at a picture of a meal, and knowing what it tastes like.

Until you go to a class, you can’t really know what you will get from it. There are too many variables to take into consideration.

So where should the industry go now?

If it continues to expand at the rate that has been established previously, it seems that clients will become confused about what classes to attend, and instructors will find they have so many training courses to do, that they won’t have time to actually teach anything.

I honestly know of instructors that are now limiting the amount of training they are taking on in 2016. It’s just not viable to constantly invest in new courses for their clients, either time wise or financially.

The jobbing group exercise teacher is now carefully watching the trends and making decisions based on their time constraints and their financial positions, and that may not be what the industry needs, or should be promoting just now.

I believe firmly in what we do as fitness instructors

My first concern is for my members and clients. I want to be delivering safe and effective classes to people that have genuine goals they want to reach.

Is it perhaps time that the industry looks long and hard at itself, and gets back to doing what it does best?

Offering fitness classes for clients that need help and motivation to reach their goals, in a simple and concise way, that benefits the teacher and the pupils alike.

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