Dieting and exercise plans suck! Furthermore they never work long term. Why struggle and suffer if you will only achieve short term benefits? A lifestyle change is the only non-surgical way to achieve long term weight-loss and health improvements, and biking for exercise is an easy first step.

Biking is a super effective way to burn calories quickly, and if you only burn an extra 100 calories each day, which is super easy to do that is worth 10 pounds of fat in 1 year. This makes biking a really quick and easy thing to incorporate into your daily routine.

Another thing that makes biking a good thing to do every day is that it gets you around. Yes, it’s not as fast as a car but contrary to what you are thinking it actually saves you time. How? Well to answer that properly I need to tell you an interesting thing that I’ve discovered.


Biking for exercise saves money and time

When I was in college I noticed that it was a 40 minute bus ride to school, not including wait time, but it was a 50 minute bike ride. So even though it cost me an extra 20 minutes both ways, that was 100 minutes of calorie incinerating cardio and 100 minutes I did not need to spend in the gym. Therefore, biking saved me the time it takes for an entire cardio workout.

This was much more than adequate levels just from biking to school and back. Doing the math I burnt about 500 calories each day, therefore every seven school days was worth one pound of fat. Another reason why biking is worth your while is because it pays for itself.

Biking for exercise_2

How much did you pay for gas last month? I haven’t payed for gas in months, my biggest transportation expense is maintenance for my bike, which is much less than maintenance would be for a car.

Finally, the final reason you should be biking is because it is a lot of fun, way better than driving. Plus it is even more fun when you see a traffic jam and you cruise down the vacant bike lane laughing at all the people stuck.

Customizing your bike workout

So I think I’ve proved my point on why biking is so great, but how do you get the most out of it? Well good question, and I intend on answering it with another question. What are your fitness goals that relate to cardio? What kind of athlete are you?Are you a sprinter, a middle distance racer or a long slow distance racer?

Whether you are athletic or not you will have to decide on one of these options, people who make lifestyle changes need to become recreational athletes in order to find long term success. If your main goal in this lifestyle change is weight loss I would recommend selecting the long slow distance option.

If you are a sprinter to get the most out of your bike you should do lots of hills and charge up them as quickly as possible in a low gear, then when you do down the other side switch to a higher gear and pedal slowly down. When going on flat ground you should also be in high gear and go as fast as possible until you are too fatigued to keep up that speed, go down a gear or two, slow down and recover, then repeat.

If you are a middle distance racer don’t be afraid of hills, but don’t do them all the time either. You should be in a gear that makes you work hard, but also one that lets you keep pace for long periods of time.

Finally, if you are a long slow distance racer, you want to be in a gear low enough to keep you from fatiguing quickly but high enough to keep up a good speed. Also avoid hills when possible, but don’t be afraid of one if you can’t get around it.

Use the local biking trails when you feel like getting out of the house, these are always pleasant and a nice way to unwind and forget the stress of the day.

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