We’ve got a 6-week training program designed to get you fitter than ever – whether you’re new to exercise or already have a good level of fitness.

WEEKS 1-3: Cardio training

Weeks 1-3 are predominately cardio based, but also includes bodyweight and/or light weight exercises with a high rep count – circuit training. The emphasis is on elevating heart rate, but not on working so hard that you feel like stopping. You want to work out an RPE (rate of perceived exertion) of 6-7 or maintain a heart rate of approximately 65 75% of maximum, if using a heart rate monitor (see RPE table for a description of exertion levels).


I recommend 40-60 minutes for the fitter among you whilst newbie’s can begin with 15 minutes of a fast paced walking or light jogging. Those new to exercise should perform these workouts 3-4 times per week and intermediate and advanced trainers 4-5 times.

Use RPE work out at the optimum intensity

RPE is short for Rate of Perceived Exertion. Use this scale to measure the intensity level of your training.

RPE can be measured from 1-10 – see below:

Sample Workouts Weeks 1-3

WEEKS 4-6: Interval Training Emphasis

Interval training combines higher intensity exercise periods with light recovery ones in between. These workouts will speed up your metabolism, leading to increased calorie and fat burning. The great thing about interval training is that you don’t have to work out for long periods.

Unless you’re training for a competitive endurance event, such as a half or full marathon, 25-30min should be sufficient and that includes your warm up and cool down.

Those new to exercise should do 2-3 sessions a week, with the intervals being at an RPE of 7 and 2-3 recoveries. Intermediate and advanced trainers should do 3-4 sessions a week – intervals t an RPE of 8 and recoveries 2-3.

Example of a treadmill interval circuit

Start with a 5min warm up at 3mph/5km/h. On the 6th minute increase your pace to 4mph/6.6km/h (light jogging), then on the 7th minute increase to 5mph/8km/k. On the 8th to 6.5/7mph/11-12km/h and for the last 2min (minutes 9-10) return to 3.0mph5km/h. Those new to exercise should build up from 1 to 2 or possibly 3 circuits over the 3 weeks of this part of the programme, whilst maintaining the designated RPEs.

training program_2

Intermediate and advanced trainers should start with 2 circuits and progress to 4-6 – again maintaining the designated RPEs. Note: when completing the workout you don’t have to complete the 5min warm up section after each circuit, but you should cool down with 5min at 3mph/5km/h. These types of interval workouts can be performed on any item of CV equipment.

Sample Workouts Weeks 4-6

10 Fat blasting Tips

Train to develop lean muscle tissue with resistance exercises – don’t be afraid to work with weights – see page 104.

2 Up your cardio training, high intensity with low intensity, to improve your body’s ability to utlise energy and burn calories.

3 Challenge yourself to get more out of your workouts

4 Be creative – research programmes and different methods of training to keep your mind and body stimulated (you’ll find all you need in this magazine)

5 Learn YOUR RPE and how to gauge it and make sure you are consistent with its application

6 Get yourself a stopwatch and time your intervals and training sessions – don’t guess or you may end up doing less than you thought.

7 Do more activity in your daily routine – get off the train or tube one stop earlier and make the most of that power walk!

8 Get your pre and post workout nutrition right

9 Drink more water – it’ll help you get more out of your workouts

10 Get plenty of sleep – rest is just as important as training

The key to making your body more effective at burning fat is to be stronger, fitter and healthier. Embrace change, relish challenges and you’ll get so much more out of your training and look and feel that much better.


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