Get ready for the secret to flat abs…well I’m sorry to tell you ladies that there is no secret.  A slimmer waistline comes with eating healthy and putting in some work!  But there are some great ways to tone the entire core while burning some unwanted fat with this abs workout for women.

Life is too short to be doing the same boring crunches especially when you don’t see enough results.  So the key is to utilize multiple muscle groups at once to help the abdominals work harder for you.  In many of these movements, you will want to focus on lengthening your body throughout the movement.  Through lengthening, you cause your levers to lengthen which makes the body work harder to create that long lean muscle that everyone desires.

Before you begin any workout regimen, it is highly beneficial to get a 3-5 minute warm up in so that the heart rate is increased and the muscles are warm and ready for work.


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Each of these exercises should be performed for time not just for repetitions. This is one difference between your typical ab workout for women. 

By giving your body a time challenge not just a number of repetition challenge, it’s already going to be making it more fun and challenging.

First, we begin in Plank position.  Although a boring yet scientifically effective exercise, we’re going to use both lower and oblique abs along with the glutes by driving the knee into three movements; driving the knee in towards your chest, then across to the opposite arm, then out to recruit that glute, and each time returning that leg into an extended position to work on those long movements.

Next movement of a Single Leg V-Sit and reach you will begin lying on your back with your legs out and arms stretched out as far as they can be.  As you draw one leg up to the sky bring both of your arms to touch that toe and slowly control yourself back to the floor then alternate legs.  Continue to control the movement and not just for speed, this is not a race to sloppy form or to get hurt.  Breathe with every repetition.

Finally we end with a combination move with a medicine ball.  If you do not have a medicine ball a dumbbell with moderate weight will work as well.  The combination will go for speed and control on each of these. For 15 seconds each you will begin with a Russian Twist.  To make it more challenging you can always perform this movement with your feet suspended above the floor or to make it easier keep your heels gently into the ground.  After that 15 seconds, keeping your knees slightly bent you will do a Full Sit Up with a Chest Press with the medicine ball.  During the crunch, the ball stays firmly against your chest then once you are fully upright press the ball out while keeping your abdominals and arms tight and slowly lower yourself down.

Although there are only 4 exercises, these target all areas of the abdominal areas that women look to firm while working the entire body.  Beginning each of these for 60 seconds and repeating the series up to three times in a workout session will give you a fun an challenging way to keep those abs firm for all seasons.

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