The TRX is a piece of equipment you may have in seen your gym or seen personal trainers using it with their clients outdoors and wondered what it is and how to use it. The TRX core workout allows you to get an effective core workout by challenging your muscles in different positions. Developing your core will help improve your posture and strength.

The TRX is a tool for suspension training (TRX is attached or suspended at least 7 feet above the ground), which involves using your own body weight to increase strength, endurance and flexibility. If you are brand new to TRX, try these TRX exercises for beginners.

Below is a TRX core workout designed to carve out a strong core. This TRX core workout consists of 8 exercises challenging your core whilst on your feet as well as on the ground. If you enjoy building your core with the TRX exercises, try these full-body TRX workouts.


TRX Core Workout:

Ab carver TRX core workout

1. TRX Ab rollout  (10 reps)

The first exercise of the TRX core workout requires you to take hold of the handles standing facing away from the anchor or attachment point.

Hold the handles at shoulder width apart and have your weight through the balls of your feet. Maintain your alignment so that your shoulders, hips, knees and ankles form one line. As you inhale slowly move your body forwards by raising your arms as far as you can maintaining your alignment.  

Take an exhale as you begin to move your arms downwards, moving your body backwards. As you do this, ensure that you do not ‘lead’ the movement with your hips by keeping your core muscles engaged. Throughout the movement ensure that your shoulders do not rise up towards your ears.

2. TRX Plank (30sec hold)

Put your feet into the TRX loops and turn onto your front. Place your hands beneath your shoulders and perform a push up to lift your body into a plank position.

Maintain good alignment (shoulders, hips, knees and ankles forming one line), drawing your shoulders away from your ears and having your elbows soft. Whilst holding this position, focus on your breathing ensuring that it remains steady and even. For more moves from this position, try these TRX calf exercises.

3. TRX Jacknife (10 reps)

Start in the TRX plank position. Inhale as you draw your knees in towards your chest, engaging your core muscles. As you exhale extend your legs to return back to the plank position. As you return back to the plank position ensure that your hips do not ‘sag’ at the end of the movement.

4. TRX Pendulum swing (20reps)

Start in the Trx plank position. Keep your legs together, swing with control both your legs to the left and then swing both your legs to the right forming a pendulum action. As you perform this exercise ensure that hips do not sag and that the pendulum action that you create is under your control throughout the total number of reps.

5. TRX Side plank or with lifts (30sec hold or 5 reps each side)

Lie on your right side and place your feet into the TRX loops. Place your right elbow directly in line with your right shoulder. Engage your core to lift your hips off the floor to achieve the side plank position. Ensure that your shoulders and hips remain aligned so that the left shoulder and hip lie directly above the right shoulder and hip. Hold for 30secs before performing on the other side.

To perform the lifts, start from the static side plank position. Inhale as you lower your hips to just off the ground and exhale to lift your hips back to the start position. Ensure that both your lowering and lifting phases are with control and are equal. Finish your reps on your right hand side before moving to the left. In addition to building your core, this move is one of a collection of TRX exercises to get you ready for the slopes.

6. TRX rotations (5 reps each side)

Take a hold of the TRX handle in a single handed mode with your right hand, standing with your feet shoulder width apart and leaning back ensuring your shoulders, hips, knees and ankles are aligned.

Start with your left hand parallel to your right hand. Inhale as you take your left hand away from the midline of your body, rotating to your left. As you exhale, slowly rotate back towards the centre maintaining your alignment. Finish your reps on your left before moving onto your right hand side.

7. TRX oblique crunch (5 reps each side)

Start in the TRX plank position. As you inhale draw both your knees towards your left elbow, performing a slight twist of the hips. Exhale to slowly extend your legs back to the plank position. Alternate the side in which bring your knees forward after each rep.

8. TRX Body Extension  (10 reps)

Start by standing facing the anchor or attachment point. Take a hold of the handles with your hands facing downwards. Push your hips backwards to form a ‘<‘ position.

Drive your hips forwards to come up to standing, raising your arms overhead. To start the next rep, slowly push your hips back lowering your arms as you do so with control.

This TRX core workout is to be performed as a circuit meaning that the exercises are completed back-to-back with little rest.

Complete 2-3 circuits with 2 minutes rest in between the circuits. If you need more information on how to perform the exercises, check out this video demonstrating correct technique and giving you a few helpful tips.

Ensure that you warm up prior to beginning this TRX core workout. This can take the form of performing 2-3 reps of each TRX exercise or by doing a full body dynamic warm up.

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