The stationary bike has existed since the end of the 18th century. Designed to mimic a bike and perform in a way for people to engage in physical activity without having to actually cover distance.

Here are 7 simple reasons for choosing the stationary bike:

1. Comes in a few different styles (recumbent, upright, indoor cycling bikes for classes) making it an excellent piece of equipment to accommodate all shapes and sizes.

2. Creates less impact on joints in comparison to some other exercise equipment. The pounding and jarring is eliminated, the torso is supported placing emphasis on proper posture.

3. Helps to support spine health by taking the stress off of the spine and supporting the lower back and core. The focus is on strengthening the muscles of the legs and buttocks.

4. Excellent cross training for other activities/sports helping improve sport performance and conditioning. Some bikes measure power output, wattage, cadence and other measures of performance that are helpful for athletes as well as the general population. Because of it’s nature in being low impact, safe to use, and user friendly it is an effective way of getting back into shape post injury. Often used in physiotherapy\rehabilitation programs when overcoming and preventing injuries.

5. Easy to use, making it great for all ages and abilities. Other than making sure that the seat is adjusted to the right height the stationary bike is very user friendly.

stationary bike

6. Weight loss/health- the stationary bike is an effective machine for improving cardiovascular fitness and overall health. The ability to adjust the resistance on the fly wheel empowers the exerciser to make the workout more or less challenging depending on their desire.

7.  Can be used in the home or gym making it convenient so you can avoid inclement weather if you are a fair weather exerciser or if you want to cut down the cost of a gym membership. Sit and bike while reading or watching t.v – burn calories, torch fat and boost your energy levels!

Overall the stationary bike is a great place to get started whether you are just getting into exercise, serious about getting back into shape or wanting to improve your performance.


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