You’ve heard all the hype of HIIT. HIIT workouts, or High Intensity Interval Training, have been exploding in popularity, as their benefits have become known to all. They can last anywhere from 4 to 30 minutes, are intense, effective, and we’re even going to give you a crazy-awesome 7 minute HIIT workout in just a moment! But first, let’s examine why it’s a workout you should add to your routine.

Let’s talk bang for your buck – and we’re not just talking money. Your time is just as valuable and if you can save some of both, you would jump at the chance, wouldn’t you? How about slowing the aging process, preventing diabetes & obesity, losing fat, building muscle, and even improving blood pressure? I hope you’re thinking, “sign me up!”

HIIT is no gimmick. It may not be a lengthy workout, but the work is tough so you have to be willing and ready to max out. You heard me! In any HIIT workout, particularly the 7 minute HIIT workout below, you have to work as hard as you can when you’re in “work mode” so that you get to your own true maximal effort. And only you know how hard that is.


If you’re not gasping for air and exhausted, you can push harder. If you’ve gone through the workout and you have a little more to give, you didn’t work hard enough.

Scared away yet? Good, I’m glad you’re still here because HIIT workouts are incredible for fat loss. And we all want to lose some fat, right? As you work through the 7 minute HIIT workout below, you are alternating between maximal energy output and rest phases.

These intervals make changes in your body that lead to much greater fat-blasting capabilities than endurance exercise alone (i.e. 30 minutes of steady state running). Remember, to truly gain the benefits of HIIT workouts, you must push to your maximal effort in the work periods.

The rest phase is given for a reason, and you’ll appreciate them and look forward to each one. But I am warning you that the rest periods will be over much quicker than you’d like, so be careful not to take much more time than is given to you.

The payoff of HIIT workouts is incredible! After a short period of time of incorporating HIIT workouts into your weekly regimen, you will see and feel results. Try adding in this 7 minute HIIT workout 1-2 times per week for 4 weeks. See what changes you can make in your figure and your fitness.

7 minute hiit workout_2

Alter the workout as you see fit for your fitness and ability. If you need more rest, try alternating 30 seconds of work with 30 seconds of rest for the first week, reducing the amount of rest you need by 5 seconds each week.

7-minute HIIT workout


30 seconds each:

– Jog
– Jumping Jacks
– Butt Kicks (hamstrings)
– Squat + Knee Raise (alternate)
– High Knees
– Plank hold

7-minutes HIIT

– 30 seconds High Knee Sprint
– 15 seconds Walk in Place (rest)
– 30 seconds Burpees
– 15 seconds Walk in Place (rest)
– 30 seconds Squat Jumps
– 15 seconds Walk in Place (rest)
– 30 seconds Pushup-Jacks
– 15 seconds Walk in Place (rest)
– 30 seconds Power Lunges
– 15 seconds Walk in Place (rest)
– 30 seconds Pushup + Tap Shoulder (alternate)
– 15 seconds Walk in Place (rest)
– 30 seconds Sumo/Plie Squat Jumps
– 15 seconds Walk in Place (rest)
– 30 seconds Plank Ski-Jumps (feet together, side, center, side)
– 15 seconds Walk in Place (rest)
– 30 seconds Star Jumps (air jacks)
– 15 seconds Walk in Place (rest)


– Standing quad stretch, 30 sec each side
– Shoulder stretch, arm in front, 30 sec each side
– Standing hamstring stretch, hinged forward at hips, 30 sec each side
– Runners lunge, 30 sec each side
– Standing Side bend, oblique stretch

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