1. Street fit

With the popularity of dance acts such as Diversity and Flawless at an all-time high, and with a nation desperate to shed weight, Street Fit have come up with the perfect blend of edgy dance moves. Street Fit harnesses the aerobic and muscle-toning aspects of street dance to create fun, high-energy Street Fit dance routines. Classes are divided in a warm up, upper body routine, lower body routine, cardio and core routine.

Members won’t even have to think about losing weight – it will simply happen during Street Fit class. The benefits of Street Fit are; develop cardiovascular fitness, improve your health and well-being, increase your energy, strengthen and tone your muscles, improve your balance and flexibility.


2. Barre class

A Barre – Class is a ballet inspired class which incorporates ballet disciplines and Pilates postures together to get a full long and lean, sculpted body workout. The exercises are focused primarily on isometric training which makes you hold your body still while you contract a specific set of muscles. You train by working with high repetitions of small range of motion movements.

The slow pulses are what burn those muscles the most. Besides the legs getting a great toned workout, it is also a great class to focus on building strong core muscles. A ballet barre and light handed weights are used as props during the class.

3. Pole dancing

No need to worry as these classes are not associated with any form of stripping, except stripping away the pounds. This is a dance, gymnastics and acrobatic type of class which can seriously build a strong upper body and core, as you learn how to handle your own body weight on the pole.

The majority of the class is spent on the pole learning tricks for gravity defying moves and how to hook yourself on to the pole and control your form of spin. These classes help to burn calories, build and tone muscles since you are using your entire body weight, gain core strength, increase flexibility and finally really boost your confidence.6-dance-inspired-exercise-classes-we-love_2.jpg

4. Zumba

Zumba is like one big fitness party where samba, salsa, latin, mambo and African dance traditions come together. The class includes moves and exercises with both fast and slow rhythms, so you can bet to be working those legs, hips, core and arms.

So the aim is to dance the calories away and have fun doing it, that way it doesn’t feel like a workout, especially in a group environment, there is a fun and happy vibe so it can feel like one big party where no one judges you by your dance abilities, but instead you learn to let go and just feel the music.

5. Burlesque

Burlesque originates from the famous cabaret style shows and cabaret style clubs, however now recently on the fitness scene also. The class helps females build a lot of confidence in their own skin to perform the typical burlesque moves such as bumps, grinds and shimmies, while feeling sexy and confident to unleash their sensual side. This class not only boosts self-esteem but improves your posture as you need to focus on control of the arms, legs and head. Getting a workout in and burning some calories is a bonus with this fun class, as some dance routines also use props as you go along.

6. Belly dancing

Belly dancing is a lot of fun and mainly focused on the problematic area common to most females – waist and hips! Your waist and hips will move like they have never moved before in this class! Apart from a fun workout, it is low impact as well, so great for anyone who suffers from any joint injuries.

Belly dancing utilizes and tones those deep underlying muscles (which are normally under-exercised) as you use the pelvis, hips, core and spine. Too much pressure is avoided, as you take the moves to your own flexibility, which increases also over time. The movements help the joints and lower back as they go through a full range of gentle and repetitive motion.

Working on these muscles like this, will improve posture, build a stronger core and prevent and decrease lower back pain which can be caused by the unnatural curving forward of the spine that occurs when those muscle groups turn out too weak.

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