Why weightlifting? What’s so special? Well why wouldn’t you want to lift weight?

When you walk into a gym, where would you think to find the most people? Most likely around the free weights and the cardio machines. Now take a second look. Where are the people that have muscle, and look shredded? By the free weights! That’s because weightlifting has so many benefits for anyone and everyone. From those as young as children, to the mature population; weightlifting can improve their lives.


Some of the benefits include increases in lean body mass, improved strength, better bone density, to just plain aesthetics, weightlifting routines have their place for everyone. It all comes down to programming, intensity, load, as well as progressions & regressions. Here are a few tips, especially if you’re new to weight lifting. Try to avoid using weight that is too heavy. For instance, if you have to sacrifice form to finish a set, go down in weight. Also avoid using weights that are too light for you. If you can do a lot of reps with little to no effect, then try out a higher weight. Find that happy medium. Focus on your form. Avoid creating compensation patterns and/or injury by using poor form.


There are some that say warm-ups aren’t really important, while others say its 100% necessary. I would fall under the category that a warm-up is important but shouldn’t take any longer than 5 minutes. Pick exercises that will accomplish the goal of getting your joints and muscles primed, as well as exercises that mimic what you will be doing in your training session.

At AMP, we take a ground up approach to our warm-up, utilizing movements that create mobility where necessary, stability where needed, and lastly creates a little bit of a sweat or thermic effect. Performing drills in a quadruped, supine or on your back, half kneeling, and standing can ready you for whatever routine you are doing, whether it’s one of these 5 weightlifting routines, or something completely different.

Weightlifting routine

Big multi joint, multi muscle exercises are going to be of the most benefit in creating weight lifting routines. The more muscles required, the more calories used. Superset or use circuits for your workouts to cut down on the time you spend at the gym.

Use a mix of intensities for these exercises by using rep schemes of 2-6, 6-12, and 12+. As the number of reps goes up, you’re going to want to decrease the amount of weight or intensity used. In addition, adding conditioning to the end of your weightlifting routines can help increase the amount of calories burned during and post workout (EPOC).

With that said, here are your 5 weight lifting routines that can make you stronger and leaner:

Beginner workout 1

1A) Banded Chest Press

1B) Band Pull-Apart

2A) TRX/Body Weight Rows

2B) Standing Jammer Press

weight lifting routines_1

3A) Banded Lat Pull-down

3B) Pallof Press

weight lifting routines_2

4A) Battle Ropes

Beginner workout 2

1A) Patriot Squats

1B) Banded Clamshells

2A) Split Squats

weight lifting routines_3

2B) Low Box Step-Ups

3A) KB/DB Deadlifts

3B) Glute Bridges

4A) Suitcase Carry

Moderate workout 1

1A) Thrusters/Squat Press

1B) Pull-ups

1C) Dumbbell Chest Press

1D) Goblet Reverse Lunge

1E) Rollouts (Ab Wheel, TRX)

weight lifting routines_4

Advanced workout 1

1A) Deadlift

2A) Front Squat

3A) Walking Lunges

3B) Single Leg Hip Thrust

3C) Hamstring Curls (disc, TRX, physio ball)

weight lifting routines_5

3D) Side Planks

4A) Sled Pushes

Advanced workout 2

1A) Single Arm Floor Press

1B) Single Arm Dumbbell Row

2A) Half Kneeling Single Arm Overhead Press

2B) Pendlay Rows

weight lifting routines_6

3A) Flexed Arm Hang Hold

3B) Push-ups

3C) Pull-ups

3D) Body Saw (TRX, Disc)

4A) Rower


No article on losing fat and building muscle is complete without a section on nutrition. Why is that? Because you can’t out train or out exercise a poor diet. Nor expect optimal results without proper nutrition. These 5 weightlifting routines will provide you with a great workout, however they are only part of the equation.

If you want to get the maximum benefit from these weight lifting workouts in terms of shedding fat and building muscle, create a sound nutrition plan to go with it. That means lots of lean proteins, vegetables, fruit, healthy fat, and occasionally starches. Oh, and plenty of water to stay hydrated.


There is a common misconception, mostly from women, that feel they will bulk up if they touch a weight above 5lbs. This cannot be further from the truth. Will you put on a little muscle? Probably, but that’s how you get that more defined look.

Weight training has a myriad of benefits that were mentioned previously, but they don’t come easily. This goes double especially if you have never weight trained before. Learning how to weight train is going to take some time, as there is a learning curve to each movement pattern. Try to avoid getting discouraged or giving up when a movement or exercise doesn’t progress as much as you want it to. If you stick with it, I promise you’ll see the results that you want.

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