So do you really need a freelance mobile personal trainer? Is it an extravagance? Lets have a look at why it might be your best option…


Busy lifestyles drive innovation! Today we order on-line and expect the goods/services to be delivered direct and rapidly to our door!


Within the last five years, companies like Argos and Next, supermarkets like Sainsbury’s and Tesco have pioneered convenience with home delivery!

So should we really be surprised to learn that the Fitness Industry is also headed in this very same direction?

Imagine, your chosen mobile Personal Trainer (PT) arriving at your home, at a time convenient to you, providing you with a dedicated 1-to-1 fitness plan tailored to your lifestyle needs, and who supplies cutting edge work-out equipment for you to use and ultra-fresh training ideas, and who then helps with your nutrition, who hand-delivers “clean-eating” shopping hampers, as well as providing wellness/relaxation services too?

Far fetched? Nope! It’s available right now!


Imagine too; no special journeys to the gym, no wasted time hanging around waiting for the treadmill or the weights, and no distractions from others…

A mobile PT delivering home workouts can quite simply increase your “quality of time” spent training, can often shorten your overall workout periods and thus create additional time for you to spend with your family and friends…

Cost effective

A bold statement maybe, but consider that most gym memberships are paid monthly via direct debit… Even if you were able to commit to 150 sessions at the gym, that still leaves 200+ days each year that you are paying for it, but actually not even there to use.

Imagine for a moment that your home/garden/workplace/park becomes your gym alternative?

mobile personal training_2

Many Professional Freelance/Mobile PT businesses like SpaFitness UK offer you this style of alternative training, where you only pay for the actual service you ordered and its delivery!

Support and help

A qualified PT will offer you support well beyond your gym session…

Without the confines of the profit oriented gyms, the best freelance PT’s are those with a strong and ethical reputation.

Being self-employed, freelance PT’s need to:

• keep current with the latest training techniques and equipment,

• use “real-world” / uncomplicated nutritional advice tailored exactly to your needs,

• offer “clean-eating” hampers, recipes and ideas for healthy shopping advice

• design wellbeing sessions including scheduled relaxation times, sleep assessments plus additional complementary treatments such as massage /reflexology, and

• offer the very best client results and experience!

Without the focus on shareholder value or profits, the “Personal” bit in PT can truly be allowed to shine through!

Results driven

“At first the gym really worked for me and I lost pounds…but after 4 weeks, the weight-loss simply STOPPED and I then started to put weight back on!”

This can be a common occurrence even when you are working really hard on your original gym card exercise plan (which was written in good faith and from an experienced gym instructor).

But that’s just it… You get given a plan, it works (for a while) and then it stops!

Although this all seems a little counter-intuitive, we all reach training plateaus like this at the gym or at home. However a qualified PT will pick up on this and has been trained to release these “bottle-necks”, using a planned sequence of small ‘dosed progressions’, metered out when appropriate, maximising your success and helping you stay firmly ‘on the wagon’.

But in the busy gym environment, and even for a good PT, these vital signs can often by missed in amongst the overall noise…!

mobile personal training_3From our work here at SpaFitness UK, understanding our clients better has allowed us a unique insight into the world of motivation.

We are all aware that birthdays, anniversaries and holidays are times of temptation and excess, seemingly set to derail our fitness “wagon”! But rather than ignoring these potentials for“set-back”, we actually put them firmly onto our client’s training plan, making them clearly “visible”.

Regression Management

We then carefully manage our clients’ activity levels on the run up to and post the special event, ensuring clients stay firmly on track, both from a physiological and psychological perspective.

This additional management tool that we call “Regression Management” is just one tool within a very comprehensive toolkit that we employ, to ensure services are effective. A simple technique which we hope might also empower you too…

So after eight weeks of training 1-to-1 with a professional PT, you have worked on your personal fitness, nutrition and wellness and you will have achieved a really noticeable set of results, compared with training at a gym without assistance…

Well that’s great… But there’s one last thing that you should know about and why you should consider the use of a Personal Trainer…

Yes I’ve already used up my five reasons to use a PT, but trust me, this one is the most powerful reason of all! And it comes for FREE!

Empowerment through knowledge!

Having now successfully completed your short-term objectives, you have learnt lessons, invaluable training skills, specific techniques and approaches, married to a structured and rather tasty nutritional plan that’s workable for you in the real world. You’ve learned coping strategies and positive thinking, and involved principles of wellness into your life.

So, you are feeling great! But what’s next?

A few of our clients choose to go it alone with the knowledge they have, several rejoin the gym environment with their new found knowledge and understanding, but most ironically choose to continue to train with us, wishing to explore what further gains are possible with their trusted PT beside them.

And finally, yes finally, a select few have even taken things further and decided to become PT’s in their own right, gaining official REPS accreditation and then ongoing employment through us.

I really hope the above might have inspired you just a little to think again at why you should consider a Personal Trainer?

If you have any further questions or thoughts on the above, I would be delighted to hear from you!

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