This blog simplifies everything you need to understand and do in order to have quick success in achieving any health and fitness goal you have.

You don’t even need to read the whole thing word for word, just find the key points that I have highlighted.

1: Choose one goal only

Pick one goal e.g. I want to lose 4 inches off my waist, attain that goal, then find another goal to reach. Select a healthy role model who inspires you. Don’t add other goals. Don’t confuse the situation. Surround yourself with relevant information and like minded people e.g. subscribe for free to many youtube food and/or exercise channels, and have a partner who also wants to lose fat.

2: Do the simple things brilliantly

Get at least 8 hours sleep (undisturbed, deep sleep), drink 3l water give or take a litre; do aerobics (walk, jog, run, skip, swim, cycle, row, jump…), perform muscular endurance and strength exercises (press ups, squats, lunges, dead-lifts, handstands, pull ups…), at least a couple of times a week, of course you can combine all three exercise types in one workout.

Use this effective template: warm-up progressively until you’re piping hot, not slightly warm, preferably sweating and forced to remove a single layer of clothing. Learn the correct technique, don’t copy other inexperienced people, don’t lose focus. Get out of your comfort zone without attempting the impossible. Don’t get impatient and forget about the long term benefits of training intelligently. Cool down progressively, what goes up must come down, I’m talking about your heart rate.

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3: Find aspects that you love

There will be something that excites you about exercise and food so realise what you look forward to doing and do it, the habits you have can be tweaked along your pathway to glory. The faster you do this, the sooner your physique will resemble that of a God or Goddess.

Being mindful of the meals you enjoy will spark an interest in the nutritional side.

The exercises you love will form your routine alongside the most effective exercises for building lean muscle tissue and burning body fat (compound lifts such as the dead-lift, squat, chest press, row, shoulder press).

For people worried about looking bulky, only the combination of muscle building genetics, regular weight-lifting with weights that you can’t lift more than 15 times, and a high calorie intake will result in a muscular body shape.

4: Cut out the rubbish

Wake up and eat more nutritious foods so your work-outs don’t become meaningless. You are wasting your time if you think you can mess up regularly. Have a weekly cheat meal to aid fat burning and reduce the potential stresses involved with lifestyle changes. Don’t have anything unhealthy near you that you’ll be tempted to eat. Throw out all processed foods and drinks.

Dietetic nightmares:

Pizza, biscuits, crisps, ready meals, ice cream, cake, sweets, burgers, instant coffee, juice drinks, fizzy drinks, ketchup (mayonnaise, BBQ sauce…), chocolate (except organic cocoa 90% and above), oils (exceptions include organic extra virgin olive oil, organic coconut oil), dairy products (exceptions include raw goat’s milk, grass fed unsalted butter, organic greek yoghurt), dried fruit, processed meats (ham, bacon, sausage), alcohol (except high quality red and white wine when consumed in low quantities).

Buy and consume fresh products and don’t be mislead by items that try and sell themselves to you e.g. reduced fat, fat free, 0% fat. Almost all protein and energy cookies/bars/balls/drinks do more damage than good, this includes energy drinks and flavoured water.

My diet comprises of fruit and vegetables in season; fresh, grass-fed lean meat, organic/free range poultry, wild-caught fish; beans, lentils; milled nuts and seeds; filtered water, organic green tea, jasmine green tea, rose-hip hibiscus tea, chai tea, organic dark roasted coffee. I have grass fed butter in tiny amounts as my only source of dairy. I have no grains or wheat. I have organic extra virgin olive oil and organic coconut oil.

I use a very high quality, high strength fish oil supplement, a zinc and magnesium supplement, an organic cold-pressed hemp seed protein powder, a whey protein powder free from added sugars and preservatives, echinacea tablets once a day (when I feel I may be developing a cold or fever).

I don’t combine concentrated protein with other concentrated protein. I don’t combine concentrated protein with concentrated starch. I don’t drink liquids within 30 mins of meal times. I eat fruit away from other foods. I fast for minimum 16 hours, maximum 18 hours every day e.g. finish last meal at 7pm, bed at 10pm, wake up at 7am, have breakfast between 11am and 1pm. Women shouldn’t fast for longer than 14 hours. I train early every day 7 days a week but mix up the intensity to avoid stiffness, soreness and tiredness.

5: Prepare your meals

You need to know exactly what you’re eating and why. You will absorb a greater amount of the nutrients your body needs, maximise your work-outs, have energy all day, experience less hunger pangs, all of which lead to a higher quality of life. Make time to have those meals ready so you can feed you body when it needs energy.

Wield the power I have given you and don’t let anything stop you getting the results you deserve!

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