As summer looms, so does the dreaded anticipation of wearing vests or dare I say no top at all and letting loose the scrawny arms that our winter jumpers done an amazing job at covering.

Well, all is not lost. You still have time to crank up the diameter of those guns and feel excited whilst buying the new summer shirt collection!

In order to build we must first look at the anatomy of the biceps:


The bicep originates at the head of the Humerus, inserts into the Ulna and crosses the elbow joint. This means that in order for us to really work these puppies, we must concentrate on the contraction coming from the elbow with minimal movement from the shoulder itself. In order to grow the bicep we must also work it in its line of fibre which all the exercises that I prescribe will be doing

Building Blocks

Not only is the anatomy a factor, but so is the building blocks of muscle gain which is…. Testosterone. Just focusing on the small groups of muscle will inhibit our production of this muscle building hormone and make our efforts useless. This doesn’t mean that we have to leave out the mirror glorifying bicep curls as we can use major movements to our advantage and break down the Bicep even more, ready for growth!

The Workout!

Below are some key exercises and advanced techniques that is a sure fire way to increase Bicep size. We must stimulate the Type 2 muscle fibres which mean looking at a rep range of around 6-12. As I am blanket prescribing here, let’s ensure that everyone’s sweet spot is hit and perform a pyramid set on all exercises. This means we will start at a Rep range of 12, then go down to 10, then 8, and then 6 whilst increasing the weight. This is going to work a number of motor units in the arm thus breaking down more of it.

With all of these exercises, ensure that you rest for between 1 minute – 2 minutes after each set. That’s how long it takes for Type 2 muscle fibres to recover. Ensure you are using a weight where you fatigue at the last Rep, making sure you can’t do any more! Otherwise increase that bell!

We are also going to make the Biceps take most of the load on the compound exercises (more than one joint action being performed) by performing a Pre-exhaust set. This is where you will do a set of isolation exercises first (one joint action) and then without rest move on to the compound move.

Time To Work Those Biceps!

1. Dumbell Bicep Curl

Reps: Pyramid Set: 12, 10, 8, 6

Set: 1 Set of Pyramids

Rest: No rest between Row

Notes: Pre-exhaust with Row | Ensure your elbow stays tucked in with the body | Use full range of movement from the elbow

4 easy workouts to build your biceps faster ex1

2. Bent Over Row

Reps: Pyramid Set: 12, 10, 8, 6

Set: 1 Set of Pyramids

Rest: 2 minute rest and then go back on to the Bicep Curls

Notes: Ensure your chest stays up and back is neutral throughout the movement | Bring the bar to just below the chest and keep elbows in

bent over row to get big biceps faster

3.  EZ Bar Curl

Reps: Pyramid Set: 12, 10, 8, 6

Set: 1 Set of Pyramids

Rest: No rest between Suspended Row

Notes:  Pre-exhaust with  Suspended Row | Ensure your elbow stays tucked in with the body | Use full range of movement from the elbow

EZ bar curl exercise for big biceps

4.  Suspended Row

Reps: Pyramid Set: 12, 10, 8, 6

Set: 1 Set of Pyramids

Rest: 2 minute rest and then go back on to the EZ Bar Curls

Notes: Keep your posture in a neutral position | To make the movement harder walk closer towards the anchor point of the straps

suspended row exercise for biceps and arms

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