So why should you even be concerned about 40 yards dash training? Well lets first talk a little about what some coaches and trainers are calling the “Holy Grail of performance”.

What does performance have to do with your training type in the gym? Well unless you are a full blown bodybuilder or already have the physique you dream of then I would suggest adding this type of training into your training protocols.

Your performance in everything can improve when doing this training in tandem with your own


Lets take a quick glimpse of who uses this training. If you haven’t heard of the NFL (National Football League) then you will have heard of the Olympics. Athletes from various sports use it but the NFL and Olympics are two occasions you’ll see the elite athletes who use this training.

You may have heard of the ‘Combine’. This is where 300 of the best college athletes are tested before teams decide on which players will be drafted to NFL teams. All players from all positions are tested in this field, for some players this will be very fitting as they may play over this distance and others who won’t. The thing is this is a transferable skill one that is great in all skill sets, be it American Football or Olympic bobsled.

The power generated in the first few steps of the dash, the stride, core strength and drive off the ground, even the technique of the dash can all be evaluated, measured and improved upon, this can end up improving your training significantly.

40 yard dash training_4How so? Lets now look at the training these athletes use to improve the dash and their bodies

First off they all use strength training: squats, deadlifts, bench press and olympic lifts. Not only is strength worked here but the power as well. Plyometric training is also used.  Jumps and bounds further enhance that generation off the ground. Think of it this way when you’re deep in the pocket of the squat and you have to explode the weight back in the air, the correlation between you getting faster in the dash and the weight on the bar going up will be a direct one.

This will go for all your lifts. The training isn’t easy but if you’re looking for improvement then that’s why it is being touted as “the holy grail of performance”.

Lets show you a little case study so you can see exactly what this means

Our highlight is on Keith Marshall a Running Back for the Georgia Dawgs. He ran the dash in an impressive 4.31 seconds (11th overall since records began). As part of the Combine you have to bench press 100kg as many times as possible, he managed 25 in a row.

How many guys do you see in the gym weighing in at 96kg and 5ft11 tall can match that? There won’t be too many. Not only that, his vertical jump is 30.5 inches. For a guy that size, that’s impressive!

So in conclusion if its good enough for the best athletes in the world then why would it not be good in our training?

Now it does depend on what you’re training for so you can use it properly but, having done this type of training in the past myself, I can guarantee the 40 yard dash played a big part in my development both in sporting and lifting terms.

What’s to lose? Give it a try and if you would like more information on how to train, including the 40 yard dash, then why not contact me directly!

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