In the early years of the 18th century, The ‘Giyra’ (Kettlebell) was just a tool used to measure grains and other goods. During festivals and street fairs various vendors and strength minded individuals alike began to lift and swing Kettlebells as a test of strength. The physical benefit of using this common tool was noted and it wasn’t long before Russian Dr. Vladislav Kraevsky introduced the Kettlebell to the Russian athletic community as a tool build strength.

The contagious methods of Kettlebell training spread like wide fire and soon training became a common practice for military and Olympic athletes in Russia and surrounding areas. Only very recently have Kettlebells began to catch on in the West and with them a huge history and an exciting new approach to strength training.

Today, I am going to give you A Killer 300 Kettlebell Workout you can perform anywhere.  This workout will be a very quick and effective workout taking anywhere from 10-15 minutes.  All you need to know is 4 basic movements and how to perform them with the correct technique. In just a few short minutes it will be time for your Killer 300 Kettlebell Challenge!


Exercise 1: One Handed Swing

50 Reps Each Side

Begin by placing one kettlebell between your feet.

  1. Standing over your kettlebell, push your butt back and bend your knees to get into the starting position.
  2. Be sure that your back is flat and look straight ahead.
  3. Lower yourself until you can reach the handle of the kettlebell and grasp firmly onto the handle.
  4. Swing the kettlebell between your legs forcefully as if hiking a football.
  5. Quickly reverse the direction and drive though with your hips taking the kettlebell straight out in front of you.
  6. Control the kettlebell swing back between your legs and repeat.

If you are performing this exercise correctly you should feel as if the kettlebell is a pendulum. It should swing back and forth with ease having the hips drive the action of the bell. Do not lift the kettlebell with your shoulders and arms. Maintain good core stabilization throughout the entire movement. Do this by pretending you are going to get hit in the stomach.

300 kettlebell workout_2

Exercise 2 Kettlebell Squat and Press

50 Reps Each Side

  1. Rack the kettlebell at shoulder level by tucking your elbow into your ribs and fingers at collarbone palm down.
  2. Place your feet slightly wider than shoulder width apart toes in whatever direction feels most natural.
  3. Push your butt back and squat down as if sitting into a chair.
  4. Maintain full foot contact with the floor and drive through your feet to stand back up using the momentum to prepare to press the kettlebell overhead.
  5. Stand tall and lock the kettlebell out overhead with your wrist straight and palm facing forward.
  6. Control the kettlebell back to your front rack and squat back down.

 Be sure to keep your chest up, eyes forward and stabilize your abdominals well throughout the entirety of the movement. Do not round your back or let your shoulders roll forward.

300 kettlebell workout_3

Exercise 3 Kettlebell Single Leg Deadlift

25 Reps Each Side

  1. Hold a kettlebell by the handle in one hand.
  2. Maintain full foot contact and stand on one leg, on the opposite side that you hold the kettlebell.
  3. Keeping that knee slightly bent, perform a stiff legged deadlift by bending at the hip, extending your free leg behind you for balance.
  4. Continue lowering the kettlebell until you are parallel to the ground, and then return to the upright position.

Be sure to keep your back flat and shoulders pulled back as you descend into the movement. Do not round your back or let your shoulder roll forward.

Exercise 4 Single Arm Kettlebell Clean & Press

25 reps each side

  1. Hold a kettlebell firmly by the handle.
  2. Clean the kettlebell to your shoulder by extending through the legs and hips as you pull the kettlebell towards your shoulder. Rotate your wrist as you do so, so that the palm faces your collarbone.
  3. Stand tall and engage your abdominals as you begin to press.
  4. Strictly press the kettlebell overhead and rotate your wrist so your palm faces forward away from your body as you lock the weight out.
  5. Lower the weight to the floor to perform the next repetition.

The entire exercise should be very fluid and smooth. You should not have the kettlebell jarring or smacking into you as you clean and press. Maintain good core stabilization throughout the entire movement. Do this by pretending you are going to get hit in the stomach. Practice the above movements until you feel comfortable with your technique and ability to perform them.

300 kettlebell workout_4

After that it’s time for your Killer 300 Kettlebell Workout!

-Swing 50 Each

-Squat press 50 each

-Single Leg Deadlift 25 each

-Clean and Press 25 Each

Perform your first challenge just for fun and to test the movements. Then track your time and try to beat yourself every time you complete this workout!  As your body gets stronger make sure you continue to challenge yourself with the weight of your Kettlebell as well. Tell me your best time for your Killer 300 Kettlebell workout and share it with your friends! Have fun!

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