You know the benefits of running, right?!
A great way to get in shape and/or lose weight. Improves your health. Helps your heart.
Relieves stress. Can do it anywhere. And so on….!

You’re heard those reasons!
But what if there’s more?!

What if there are benefits to running that you never even thought about?!!

Here are my top 15 benefits of running that likely, never crossed your mind!!

15. Running can create connection with your surroundings

If you run a regular route, you see the same views, the changes in season, perhaps a building take shape from the ground up. You also see the same people. The homeless guy on the corner. The gal with the crazy arm swing. The old dudes that walk every morning and cheer you on. You may never meet them, but you feel like you know them. The simple act of running creates this connection to your environment and the beauty within it!

14. It’s a great way to see a city.

Whether you’re traveling or in your own back yard, running is one of the best ways to see a city. Run through new neighborhoods and get a feel for the vibe. Find an undiscovered coffee shop or breakfast joint. Window shop as you run by. Be a tourist on the move!!

13. Can’t sit on a cushion? Running can be a form of meditation.

And you know the benefits of meditation, right? Take off the head phones. Follow your breath, and run!

12. Running is a chance to connect to your body

Take a mile or two and really get inside your body. How does your foot hit the ground? Do you heal strike? Run on your toes? How’s your breathing? Where do you carry your tension? The more you connect, the more you learn. Your body will tell you everything you need to know!

11. Running in the morning sets the tone for the day,

guarantees you get your workout in, and frees you up for fun later. Get exercise out of way early in the day and you boost your energy, plus no negotiations later on. Go to that movie. Work late. Or hit happy hour. Your workout is done!!

10. Running (and movement in general) improves your ability to think

If you’re feeling stuck at work or in life, go for a run. Let your mind wander. Allow your blood to flow. You just never know what answers may come!

9. Running is excellent therapy.

Angry? Anxious? Depressed? Go for a run. Pound it out on the road or on a trail. Let your run loosen you up from the inside out!

8. Running helps regulate your appetite,

and also teaches you the foods that truly fuel your body. Have you ever run with a queazy stomach? Spent the entire time going from bathroom to bathroom? Lost your oomph mid-race? Your run will tell you if you’ve fueled well or not.

benefits of running2

7. Run in the early morning daylight, and you might get leaner.

Researchers have discovered that exposure to morning light, whether it’s pure sunlight or bright indoor lighting, is associated with leaner body weights. Who doesn’t love that?!?!!

6. Meet new people.

You know that you can meet people in a running group – that’s a given. But it’s not limited to that. You meet people at stop lights, in races, on trails and doing stairs. Pay attention as you run. Sooner or later you’ll be able to strike up a conversation with just about anyone, about just about anything!

5. Running is an excellent way to relax.

Counter intuitive I know – but running is a great way to relax your body. The more that you can relax into it, the better and easier your run becomes!

4. Running shoes are quite possibly the most comfortable pair of shoes you own.

And perhaps, the best pair of shoes for the natural shape of your feet. Wear them more often. Your feet will love you in return!

3. If you run early, you can wear the same clothes every day!

The earlier you run, the less people see you – and even if they see (or smell) you, they’re half awake. So get out there in your toothpaste stained, four day old shirt. No one cares!!

2. Running teaches you the difference between real and imagined pain

There’s knee pain, that tells you to adjust or back off, and there’s mental pain that simply wants you to quit. On the run you learn when to fight through, and when to say when!

1. Running is a chance to improve the practice of life

You run when you feel like it, and when you don’t. In the rain and covered in mud, and bathed in sunshine and sweat. You fall, and get up. Push yourself and go easy. Sometimes it’s play and other times it’s pain. And you learn to trust your body and the wisdom that it provides with each and every step!

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