Whatever your current level of fitness, hobbies, Interests, nutrition there is a wealth of information available to you through your smartphone. Perhaps you are stuck for healthy recipe ideas or want to exercise at home, but don’t know where to start!

As a personal trainer myself there are some great Apps that certainly make my life easier and enhance the service that I provide to my clients, giving us more time to work on their goals.

Below are 10 that I have selected covering a variety of topics. Some free, some not, but worth it all the same.


These are by no means the only options in each case, and there is certainly plenty of variety out there. These will hopefully give you some ideas and help you stay motivated and get fitter.

10 ways to use your smartphone to improve your health


1. LeanScreen

Body fat analysis from Photos, BMI, BMR, and Waist to Hip Ratio. A great APP for Personal Trainers like myself, but also a great way of capturing details about your body composition and health details. From 2 photos, one front on and one from the side, you are able to accurately capture the details that you would like. Once initial records have been taken, you are then able to collect additional data that can track your progress.

2. Cardiio

This APP is great for a quick workout but for me the main feature is the capturing of your current heart rate. I have compared this several times with other more traditional methods and each time it is spot on.
Whilst the app is free, there is the ability to buy additional trainers other than coach Bonnie who comes as part of the free package.
Well worth downloading for the free heart rate capturing alone.

3. Runtastic

There are several options for those without a dedicated GPS watch, another great option is runtastic. This incredible app backed up by a great website helping you track your activities. In addition, the runtastic range also offers a wide range of other apps to help you with such things as wintersports, six pack and also nutrition quiz app.

You can even manually enter all workouts done within the gym on various pieces of equipment and set yourself goals.

For me this isn’t just something to record where you have been, as you know that already. The benefit you get from this is generally that it will bring out the competitive side of you. Perhaps you do a regular route on your lunch break or before work. You will always strive to knock a few more seconds off of that last run or ride knowing that your every move is being measured.

4. 5K Runner: 0 to 5K run training

Want to start running but don’t know where to start? In only 8 weeks by following the built in audio coach, you will hopefully be up to 5 kilometres. 3 days a week for 30 minutes is all that is required. The App boasts to have already helped 4.2 million people achieve this.

5. Seconds Pro

My personal favourite App. This gets used at least twice in almost every personal training session I teach. The ability to create your own workout timer, label the exercises and utilise text to speech makes this limitless with its possibilities within a session.
You can also share the workouts that you create, meaning that a client that has also downloaded the App can continue with some work on the days between sessions. Just press play and follow the instructions.

10 ways your smartphone could improve your health

6. Cadence Tapper

If you are a runner, you may have heard or read about the magical 180 steps per minute.
This is thought to be the optimal number of times that your feet hit the ground in a minute to ensue you have a good midline foot strike.

If you are a lone runner that listens to music as you run this App will allow you to make sure your playlist reflects the pace that you would like to achieve during your run.

It is quite natural for your pace to be dictated by what you are listening to, so take control and make sure you keep to the tempo of your playlist. If you are struggling, then shorten your stride and concentrate on driving forward with your knees.

7. KettleBell Workout 360

If you were to buy one piece of kit for home use, the Kettlebell gets my vote. A very versatile piece of exercise equipment that can give you a full body workout in less than 15 minutes.

A great App with good instruction, just choose the duration and the level and you are good.

8. My Yoga Guru

Whatever your chosen sport, it is likely that you will benefit from some yoga. Start easy and progress through the moves to benefit from a better range of motion, release tension and benefit from some strengthening stretches. The App gives clear guidance of each pose as well as an indicator of what it is good for and the level aimed at.

9. Hill Lists

For the hikers out there, this is a navigation App that provides the data for a large number of hills across the UK.
Track those that you have completed, sort list by name, height, distance and much more.
View the locations on a map and access the OS grid reference as well as weather information.
A note of caution however, always make sure you have an OS map and compass with you, should you have any technical issues.

10. Watchfit

Finally our very own Watchfit App, which helps you, lose weight by turning your diet and workout into a game. The game is a puzzle that you unlock by earning points for tracking your food and exercise.
You are encouraged to have at least 4 meals a day, and each meal gives you points based on its importance.
If you are stuck for ideas, then get inspired from the suggestion list. The App is also backed up by the website which is full of great ideas, suggestions and topical information.

10 ways your smartphone could improve your health_watchfit

In summary, there really is no excuse for a lack of information or motivational help through your smartphone or tablet. Get downloading and start making a difference today!

WatchFit Experts change lives!

And they can do the same for you.


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