As a mobile Personal Trainer, a lot of my clients don’t have access to a gym, and don’t have a lot of time to dedicate to their training. It’s easy to say ‘just make time’; but with work, family and any other commitments you might have, it’s not always that simple. These 10-minute workouts can be done anywhere, with no equipment. All exercises in the workouts below will use your bodyweight only.

How can 10-minute workouts be effective?

When training for fat loss, the emphasis shouldn’t necessarily be on the time it takes to workout, but the intensity of the workout. For example, a 45 minute workout isn’t necessarily better than a 10 minute workout; if that longer workout is slow paced, and at a low intensity, the impact on your body will not be that great. However, a 10-minute workout, at a high intensity, that uses all the major muscle groups in your body, can have a large and lasting effect on your metabolism.

So remember, grade your workouts on intensity, not the time it takes.

How to make shorter workouts as effective as possible

– Warm up – Spend 5-10 minutes actively preparing your body for your workout. Aim to increase your heart rate, and mobilise all joints, using dynamic movements.
– Keep the intensity high – you’re trying to blast the fat and kick start your metabolism, so make sure you’re working hard.
– Use as many major muscle groups as possible – Base your workouts around big, compound movements that work the whole body.
– Plan ahead – Prior to your workout, prepare your water and stopwatch if needed. Familiarise yourself with the workout, and write it down clearly. To make the most of your time, you don’t want to be running to the kitchen for a drink, or trying to remember which exercise comes next.
– Remember, it’s only 10 minutes – Work hard throughout. Take short rest breaks if you need too, but get back to it as soon as possible. Once the 10 minutes are up, you’re done!

10 Minute Workout 1 – As many rounds as possible 

Set a 10 minute timer, and complete as many rounds as possible in the 10 minutes:

Round 1 – x1 Squat and x1 Walkout (from standing, walk your hands out on the floor until you’re in a full press up position, then walk them back up to standing)
Round 2 – x2 squats and x2 Walkouts
Round 3 – x3 squats and x3 walkouts…
…and so on.

How many rounds can you complete?


10 Minute Workout 2 – 15 second intervals

Part one:

Round 1 – 15secs Squats, 15 secs rest
Round 2 – 15s Squats, 15s Press ups, 15s rest
Round 3 – 15s Squats, 15s Press ups, 15s Jumping Jacks, 15s rest
Round 4 – 15s Jumping Jacks, 15s Press ups, 15s Squats, 15s rest
Round 5 – 15s Jumping Jacks, 15s Press ups, 15s rest
Round 6 – 15s Jumping Jacks, 15s rest
Rest for 30 seconds if needed, before starting part two.

Part two:

The same 6 round, 15 second interval format as in part one, however switch the above exercises with Mountain climbers, Backward lunges and the plank.

10 Minute Workout 3 – Descending reps

10 rounds –

Round 1 – x20 Lateral lunges (x10 each side), x20 Spiderman lunges (x10 each), x10 Squat thrust

Round 2 – x18 Lateral lunges (x9 each side), x20 Spiderman lunges (x9 each), x9 Squat thrusts

Round 3 – x16 Lateral lunges (x8 each side), x16 Spiderman lunges (x8 each), x8 Squat thrusts

Round 10 – x2 Lateral lunges (x1 each side), x2 Spiderman lunges (x1 each), x1 Squat thrust

Rest if and when you need too.

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