Any strength coach or qualified trainer, worth their salt, will tell you that there is NO quick fix for building muscle…it takes time and dedication!! I happen to be one of those professionals. With today’s hectic schedules however, fitting in weight training can be a real challenge.  I get it! Sometimes you may have to break up your routine in order to fit it in.  This isn’t ideal but doing something is better than nothing at all.

I get lots of requests for exercises that will tone up the arms and get rid of that pesky jiggle!! If you are pressed for time try this Ten Minute Jiggle Free Arm Workout.  You can even repeat it later in the day if you have time.  All you need are some dumbbells, and a bench.  The weights need to be moderately heavy.

Since time is of the essence here, we are going to keep rest to a minimum.  This workout will target the biceps, triceps and deltoids using a circuit format.  Complete one set of each exercise with no rest In between.  At the end of the circuit you may rest for 30 seconds and repeat.  Complete as many rounds as possible (AMRAP) in ten minutes.  If you don’t know your 1RM (weight should be heavy enough so that your last few reps are difficult but safely executed).


10 minute arm workout2

Standing Military Press                 8-10 Reps                 75% 1RM
Standing Bicep Curl                        8-10 Reps                 75% 1RM
Lying Triceps Extension              8-10 Reps                 75% 1RM
Lateral Raises                                   8-10 Reps                 75% 1RM

Rest 30 seconds and repeat

Seated Arnold Press                      8-10 Reps                 75% 1RM
Seated Hammer Curls                   8-10 Reps                 75% 1 RM
Triceps Kick Backs                         8-10 Reps                 75% 1 RM
Reverse Fly                                     8-10 Reps                 75% 1 RM

Rest 30 seconds and repeat

Your goal should be to work the muscles as efficiently as possible. Aim for nice, full range of motion reps!  Keep time under tension with the muscles a priority and stay focused on your form.

Don’t sacrifice form for speed!  If you feel like you can’t get through all of the exercises, choose one circuit and repeat a few extra times. This quick workout will help you on your way to jiggle free arms!! … Stay focused, eat clean and hit the weights at least 3 times per week!!

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