The elusive six-pack abs…everyone desires them, but how much work needs to go into carving them out and why is it important? Follow this simple, no equipment routine to really carve out those abs!Abdominal muscles should be treated like other muscle groups when it comes to frequency and recovery. Therefore, you absolutely can achieve results in a short time! There are a few things that you need to do in addition to the 10 minute routine. This is a perfect workout to incorporate after your workout, when you wake up, or just during a break in the day.

Because the routine provided is more advanced, if you cannot perform the exercise during the rest period, simply rest instead. With any exercise, make sure you get a good warm up in prior to beginning. All situp movements should be performed with a flat back (no slouching). If there is a move you cannot complete, modify the movement or simply choose another exercise and do that for the allotted time. If proper form cannot be performed, then modify to a lesser movement (i.e. if you can’t do a situp, do a floor crunch instead). Training is important, but safety always comes first. Incorporate this routine into your workout 3 days per week on alternate days. To see maximal results sooner, this routine should be done in conjunction with regular cardio (4-5 days per week for 45-60 minutes), strength (at least 2 days per week for each major muscle group), and clean eating.Carve-out-10-min-abs-workout_2.jpgCarve’m Out: 10 Minute Abs Routine

Set an interval timer for 50 seconds active, 10 seconds active recovery. You will do a total of 10 sets. For the advanced move, the active recovery should be a static plank.


Situps – starting position is on your back with legs straight. As you come up in the situp position, simultaneously bring your knees towards your chest. If you have sliders or plates, put them under your heels. Alternate moves: regular situps; basic floor crunches

Wide Leg Situps – starting position on your back with legs in a straddle position. While keeping both hands extended in front of your chest (you can hold a weight), do a situp but keep the legs straight on the ground. You can rotate your aim to the right leg, center, and left leg. Alternate moves: basic floor crunch with legs straight out.

Balance Twists – start in a semi-seated position (45 degree), lift feet off the ground while maintaining form. Keeping the hands together in front of your chest (you may hold a weight), rotate shoulders/torso side to side. Alternate move: keep feet on ground and perform the same rotation; keep feet on ground and do a static hold at 45 degrees with no rotation.

Kick-Ins – start in a semi-seated position (45 degree), while balancing on your glutes (hands and feet off the ground), bring your knees to chest and wrap your arms around your knees. Extend legs straight out (feet still off the ground) and arms out wide. Alternate move: place hands behind you on the ground as a balance mechanism. Perform the same movement with the legs.

Side Oblique Crunch with Leg Lift (Right) –  starting position is on your right side. Place your right arm along your chest as if you were digging your elbow into the ground. Left hand is placed behind the head. At the same time, you will use leverage of your elbow to press your upper body towards the center while both legs will raise towards the center also. Return to start. Alternate move: perform the same movement but only lift the top leg during the movement; do not lift the legs and only crunch from the upper body.

Side Oblique Crunch with Leg Lift (Left) – see #5 and repeat on the left side

Star Situps – Starting position is on your back with legs straight out. Your right arm and left leg will be extended, crunch up as if you were doing a situp, and return to the start. You will switch arm/leg on the next repetition. Alternate move: leave the legs on the ground and alternate a right and left reach at the top of your situp.

Sitting 45 degree Rope Climb – Starting position is in a semi-seated position (45 degree). Lift feet off the ground but maintain correct posture. Picture a rope above your head. The arms will alternately reach and act as if they were climbing a rope. There will be a mini crunch move as this is accomplished. Alternate move: keep feet on ground and perform the upper body action; lay on your back with knees at a 45 degree angle and reach for the rope above your chest, basically doing a basic floor crunch.

Count Bicycles – Starting position is lying on your back, legs extended out and feet about 2 inches off the ground, and hands behind your head. Lift your right shoulder up as if you were doing a crunch. That shoulder should be going in the direction across the body towards the left knee. Simultaneously, the left knee should be bent towards the chest. Repeat on the opposite side. Alternate move: leave legs straight on the ground and only do the upper motion; leave legs bent on ground and only do the upper motion.

V-Ups – Starting position is lying on your back, legs extended out, and arms extended above your head. Start the exercise by keeping the legs, arms, and torso as straight as possible as your hands reach for your toes in the middle of the motion (forming a V shape). Return down slowly. Alternate move: keep one leg bent and do the exercise as stated above alternating which straight leg does the action; do situps or basic floor crunches with your arms extended above your head.

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