The first rule to think on when it comes to lower body weight training depends on what muscles you are targeting and to which goal. First off decide what you want to work on first, strength, endurance, flexibility, or even mass. If then you cannot determine the correct exercises to get to that goal then consult a personal trainer to bring you up to speed.

Rule two, know thyself. When working your legs, you are using some of the largest muscles in your body. Therefore they will crave more oxygen to perform the exercises you choose. It is important to increase your level of difficulty moderately to reduce your risk of injury, but it is more important to be aware of what you can handle.

It is a balancing act to push yourself enough to get an efficient workout, but not so much that you harm yourself. Therefore, when it comes to lower body weight training, get and accurate feel for what you can handle and what is too much.


Proper technique is probably the most important rule when it comes to lower body weight training and that is why it is number three. Proper technique is what makes you able to obtain greater gains and do so without serious injury. Whatever exercise you choose to perform, be extremely cautious in making sure that you do it correctly and with proper form.

If you are new to an exercise then master the correct form with little to no weight then move forward. There are vast resources on line and such to show you correct form if you need instruction and don’t forget to ask a personal trainer.

Rule four, always tighten you back. People forget about this one a lot because they do not realize they are working their back muscles when they are working their legs. Whether it is deadlifts, squats, calf-raises, etc., you must make sure to keep your back tight. Allowing it to loosen can lead to a greater strain if you get off balance or any number of other injuries, so keep it tight

Five, don’t lift anything too heavy. This seems like a no brainer, but with the desire to get drastic gains sometimes safety is placed on a back burner and this is usually when a doctor’s visit will lead to no working out for a couple of months. It is imperative that you do not lift anything that is too heavy for you.

Now, I am a huge advocate of pushing yourself to the limits so let me say this, sometimes using heavy weight can be beneficial, but recent developments suggest that it is possible to substitute slower reps(4 seconds or more) with lighter weight to get similar gains.

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Rule six is not necessary, but definitely noteworthy, flex. Arnold was said to be a big believer in flexing at the end of each rep to ensure maximum efficiency. You can think of it as putting the finishing touches on each rep within you exercise regimen.

Stay hydrated is rule seven. I can’t tell you how many times I have heard of cramps when in the gym on leg day. One of the best ways to fight off cramps is staying hydrated, so drink up.

Rule number eight is to remember how many different muscles are involved in lower body weight training. It is highly recommended that you incorporate a wide variety of exercises to target each individual muscle group, but remember that most exercise will be working most of the individual muscles in your legs at the same time. So be aware of all that you are working.

Don’t work out if you are injured. Rule nine again should be a no brainer too but you would be surprised at the number of people who think pushing through and injury is the best way to get through it. Now there are some benefits in working out an injured muscle, but those certainly don’t outweigh the risks and should never be attempted without the guidance of a doctor, a personal trainer, or a likewise certified physical therapist.

Referring back to rule eight, you work most of your muscles when you perform lower body weight training, so chances are you will reinjure your injured muscle if you attempt to exercise it without proper prevention.

Rule ten is my favorite, have fun. No matter what you are doing, being consistent is one of the ways to keep gaining. It is far easier to be consistent if what you are doing is fun. So do something that you like or train for something that you like. There is no rule that says lower body weight training has to be a chore.

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