As a Dietitian I am sure most people wonder what we really eat.

Do we survive on salads, ever eat a piece of cake? Do we actually practice what we preach?

So what is actually in the fridge of a Dietitian?


It is an interesting question and  fair one to ask, so I decided to let you have a peek into my fridge…

I think this fridge is a pretty healthy fridge. It is filled with fruits and vegetables, lean protein and dairy. There is always some chocolate and overall the makings of some very delicious food!

Here are some foods that you will always find in my fridge.

Probiotic Source

Kefir, yogurt – Both are loaded with live and active probiotics, they have the power to promote healthy gut flora. A key factor in overall health status.

Plant and Dairy Milk

I use both almond and coconut to stir into coffee or oatmeal, or blend up a homemade creamy soup. They provide hefty doses of calcium and vitamin D and are a staple in my fridge.

As for dairy, I use it for homemade yogurt.

Nut and Dairy Butter

While butter is surely high in saturated fat and without doubt high in calories as well – it’s made of only two ingredients: cream and salt.

Compare this list to that of margarine or other butter substitutes and in moderate amounts it may not affect our risk of disease as previously thought.

whats in my fridge_2As for the nut butters like almond, I like to smear on whole-grain toast, add to smoothies or slather on apple slices for a quick snack and it keeps you full longer.

Lean Protein

Pre-cooked diced and ready to toss chicken breasts, salmon, quinoa or tofu – a quick fix for any meal without resorting to unhealthy snacking.


I keep some boiled ones handy to go. High in protein and choline, low in carbohydrates and calories. Inexpensive too!


Another way to snack when I am busy – in season fresh fruits like berries, oranges, apples, and pears are essential when you need to grab and go.

whats in my fridge_3Pre-chopped onions

Every recipe calls for them and so the pre-chopped version saves so much time and not to mention tears!

Cut vegetables

Both washed, pre-cut vegetables and frozen variety. Add to salads, stir fry or snack with dips.


I try to make most out of this condiment.

Hummus, Edamame, Almond-Quinoa or bean dip are some of my favorites.

I prefer homemade. They are packed with protein and it takes less than five minutes to whip up one of these dip and costs less than store-bought spreads that often contain preservatives.


Though the avocado fruit is higher calorically than its fruit counterparts, it’s significantly lower in sugar and contains mostly monounsaturated fatty acids.

I keep cut pieces to add to salads, mango salsa and guacamole.

But it turns black?

I hear ya… Here’s the trick, place a half cut onion in the same box as the avocado. I don’t know the exact reason but I suspect that it has to do with the sulfur compounds that the onion releases.

Herbs and Roots

Cilantro and mint – Few foods add flavor, aroma, and visual appeal as quickly and easily as fresh herbs and spices. They also make for an excellent substitute to salt.

whats in my fridge_4Similarly, long-hailed for its medicinal, therapeutic and culinary benefits – Roots like ginger and turmeric are a true wonder spice with many therapeutic properties. Very potent even in small amounts.

I like them pickled or use it to garnish.

Whole wheat Rotis/ Indian bread

They are an essential in my house for countless meals and snacks. Ample of complex carbohydrates ( rich in fiber) to give you sustained energy, proteins to help build and maintain muscle and low in calories.

I use them to wrap veggie burgers, for making burritos, bake them into “chips” or simply dunk in curry.

Healthy living doesn’t have to be boring, complicated or expensive

I always spend some time on weekend prepping food, which makes it easy to throw together a healthy meal in a hurry when I’m busy or tired during the week.

I also believe in moderation. Nothing is off limits as long as you strike a balance.

I stick to healthy options for the most part, but if I want a slice of cake or a bowl of frozen yogurt occasionally, I’m going to  have an appropriate portion and I am going to enjoy every bite!

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