As a fitness instructor, it’s a question that gets asked a lot. “What can I eat to lose weight fast“. It’s an area of fitness that has turned into a billion dollar industry, and there is no shortage of companies that claim to have solved the puzzle. However, new “super” foods have started an eating revolution for millions of people that want to eat and lose weight.

So where to start?

Well. initially the bottom line is that for most of us, if we can burn up more than we take in, we are heading in the right direction. Eating the correct food is obviously the starting block, but so many reports muddy the waters and make it difficult to get going. So let’s get back to basics and figure out where we could be going wrong.


For any one looking to lose weight fast, we have to look at our current eating patterns. Regulating our food intake can be the first step changing our ways.A consistent intake, say eating every 3 hours, is a good schedule.Breakfast at 7am then snack at 10am then lunch at 1pm and snack at 4pm and so on, is a great way to regulate our intake, and will help your body burn it’s fuel more effectively.

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Once we have got used to the idea of eating regularly, we have to then decide what the best foods are to eat. To lose weight fast, we should be looking at reducing our calorie intake over the week. Leaving out potatoes and chips will greatly reduce your dinner time calories,laying off carbs and starches will also help.

Getting off sugar and fat is a must, but what does that leave us? Look at your food again and start to replace your danger groups. Replace your proteins with fish for a change, make your chicken skinless and look at shellfish as an alternative. Forget breakfast cereals and go for porridge instead, healthy oats get your day off to a good start.

Look at seasoning your food with thermogenic spices that can help you burn up calories quickly, mustard seeds and ginger are great.Try snacking on nuts instead of crisps, get paleo with your body and try a handful of walnuts, cashews or pecans. Fill out your plate with Quinoa instead of rice, it’s low calorie and will leave you feeling full.

Look into lentils too, they are tasty and versatile and will also help your blood sugar from spiking in between meals. Mushrooms are also a great replacement for fatty meats in a meal,also a great pizza topping. Replacing your lettuce with organic spinach in salads is another great way of speeding up your weight loss,it will leave you feeling satisfied with very little calories.

Looking at sweet treats? Then go for blueberries, these great little creations can help you break down fat quickly and are delicious with a nice greek yogurt. One last tip is ditch the caffeine and get into green tea. It’s an acquired taste but it’s full of anti oxidants and catechins that are amazing at encouraging your body to burn more calorie.

So replace and renew, change the way you think about food, then replace your usual meals with new tastes and textures. Drink plenty of water, do a bit of exercise and reap the benefits of a new you.

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