What is the intermittent fasting diet meal plan2Fasting has become a real topic… Why? Because of results!

There are many ways to get results and for some this could be means to an end. Even though some people do it for aesthetic reasons, for some, this has a place in helping them find balance. But what is the intermittent fasting diet meal plan?

To date, there has been plenty of pro-fasting press, however this one by Charles Poliquin is interesting.


Intermittent fasting is super trendy. Like any diet trend, it’s no surprise that there are drawbacks to the practice that will likely make it a passing fancy in both the fitness and general population. The use of sporadic eating patterns to lose fat can be effective, but that does NOT mean it is healthy, sustainable for the long term, or beneficial for athletes.

Experts and nonexperts in the field of nutrition and fitness recommend a variety of meal frequency or fasting methods—fasting every 16 hours, every 20 hours, all day, every other day, every third day, twice a week, once a week, once every other week, or just when you’re not hungry.

The definition of “fasting” varies: In some cases it means eating green vegetables and berries when fasting, in others protein-carb drinks and oatmeal are suggested.


Now, many cultures/religions use fasting as a spiritual practice, however in the animal kingdom, no animal is known to fast voluntarily unless it is ill. In most cases, the same animal will consume plants to induce vomiting…”

Cancer has to be one of the scariest “diseases” is a mutation than an actual disease,that is a threat to health.

Literature shows that calorie restriction, or carbohydrate restriction, can help significantly with avoiding cancer, or restricting it’s growth once it’s already an issue.

Mark Sisson published an article on his Mark’s Daily Apple blog, on the 20th of March 2012, called “Why Fast? Part Two – Cancer”.

“For thousands upon thousands of years (during most of which overweight, let alone obese, people were fairly rare), therapeutic fasting was a common protocol for the healing of many a malady.

From famous sages like Plato, Aristotle, and the aforementioned Hippocrates and Plutarch to cancer patients unable to eat during chemotherapy to pet dogs and cats who suddenly lose once-voracious appetites upon falling ill, it seems like the natural response to – and perhaps therapy for – major illness is to stop eating for a while.”

According to Valter Longo, a cancer researcher from USC, “normal cells” go into survival mode during starvation. They display “extreme resistance to stresses” until the “lean period” ends, much like an animal in hibernation mode. Cancer cells, on the other hand, are always “on.”

Their “goal” is to grow and reproduce and consume resources. For cancer cells, there is no novel survival mode to switch on. If this is the case, fasting should both improve our resistance to cancer and our body’s ability to survive it (and the treatments used against it, like chemotherapy).”

Intermittent fasting is going for extended periods without eating and has been normal for humans throughout most of our evolution.

Evidence show that it can help with everything from weight loss to improving insulin sensitivity to boosting the immune system.

I personally experienced  intermittent fasting during my upbringing in rural Africa, and it did me no harm whatsoever. Now, all I think about is how much better you can become if you think about the big picture and yes, that include intermittent fasting method and many others.  But as always, you have to listen to your body.

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