You’ve spent weeks or maybe months dieting, being ‘good’ not eating what you might fancy in favour of losing those pounds and now you’ve reached your goal weight and you’re so excited…

Well firstly let me say very well done. I’m sure it’s not been easy and you get at least 10 out of 10 for persistence and perseverance.

But in a way this next bit, the maintenance, can be just as hard.


Keeping that weight off

Obviously I don’t know what diet you’ve been on or how you’ve lost your weight but there are some general rules for you to observe now.

Firstly it’s not a good idea to go out and splurge on all the things you didn’t eat for the last god knows how long. As much as anything else your body has got used to eating less.

Maybe eating more vegetables, balanced meals of protein less carbs and more veg.

So you have to be aware of what you’re eating for the long term.

Tip No.1

Work out at the beginning of the week what food you want to eat. Being sensible now is the only way to not undo all your hard work.

So plan your eating days.

Don’t skip breakfast.

The best advice is for you to eat normally. If you’re a three meals a day person do that Monday to Friday. Good breakfast, lunch and evening meal.

Tip No.2

One of the best tips I can give you is, whatever diet you’ve been following don’t snack between meals. It’s far too easy to let the snacking become over-eating and before you know it the pounds have started to creep back on again. So no snacking!

Tip No.3

Don’t tell yourself only one biscuit, or one bit of chocolate… It’s like being an alcoholic. Whatever got you the extra pounds to begin with could easily undo all your good work.

All the bad habits you might have had before will come and bite you on the bottom if you revert back to what you did before.

You just need to be aware that your metabolism will have changed over time. Your body has got used to eating less. Eating less of the ‘bad stuff’ and eating more of the good.

Just because you’ve reached your ideal weight doesn’t mean you can go back to old habits

weight loss tips

A lot of this is down to mindset. You were determined to lose that weight and you did. Now you have to be determined to keep it off!

Being ‘sensible’ with eating during the week and have a little splurge over the weekend.

It’s all down to your mindset

I have some excellent tools that can help you maintain that ideal weight and it’s nothing to do with dieting. Well actually that’s not strictly true. It is to do with dieting but not in terms of  food…

It’s a way to lose that ‘fat person’ mind set

Change your thinking and you’ll never put that weight on again!

I’m offering a special Mastery discovery session totally free of charge which could start you on the path to keeping that weight off now you’ve reached your ideal weight.

Because it’s not easy. I know that you’ve worked hard to get to your ideal weight and the last thing you want to do is spoil it.

But sometimes you will need a helping hand and to get that from someone who has been there and done it is giving you the advantage that you need right now – before you fall off the wagon!

The last thing you want having reached your ideal weight is to have to start all over again. What a pain that would be. So much easier to learn the ‘rules’ of the game now and keep that ideal weight

Life is not meant to be a struggle. I will teach you exactly how to turn reach your ideal weight and keep it. Like anything it’s easy when you know how!

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