Have you ever dreamt about finding the magic pill that will solve all your “these-pants-are-tight-again-they-must-have-shrinked-in-the-wash” problems and can get rid of the wobbly cushions all over your body once and for all? Well, who hasn’t? Bad news is: there is no such pill. Good news is however, that you can always find some magic in the world surrounding you, and Vitamin D is so magical it may even be the sorcerer’s stone of weight loss for you.

It is widely agreed by nutritionists and health professionals that Vitamin D, this fat-soluble micro-nutrient pro-hormone freak is essential but highly ignored in our daily diet. If anybody asks, yes, I DO want the D, and so should you! This Vitamin is responsible for maintaining bone strength and density (ladies expecting, or ladies after the menopause should perk up their ears), it is an important player in preventing diseases like cancer, diabetes and SM, is anti-inflammatory, naturally boosts your immune system and affects your physical performance altogether. Oh, and by the way, it also supports weight loss!

Vitamin D Benefits For Weight Loss

Studies found that the increased intake of Vitamin D during a low-calorie diet may lead to faster and better weight-loss. If combined with Calcium, Vitamin D increased the ratio of abdominal fat-loss, which has more health benefits as fat around the midsection of the body is found to be related to heart problems. According to one theory, if the brain senses the low level of Vitamin D in the body it responds with releasing more hunger-stimulating hormones in order to increase body-weight. On the contrary though, Vitamin D in a high concentrate will prevent fat cells from growing!

vitamin D benefits for weight loss

It sounds wonderful, doesn’t it? Does this mean you can eat whatever you want because if you have enough Vitamin D flowing around, your fat cells will not grow at all? Hell no! It only means that if you are consistent with your diet and exercise but reached a plateau and need a boost for being slimmer and healthier, you might want to look at your Vitamin D intake, and here we discuss if you can get high vitamin D food.  A daily amount of 2,000 IU (International Unit) is the absolute minimum for a grown-up, but you may go up until 10,000 IU per day for a while if you have some catch-up to do.

And where does the D Vitamin come from?

Vitamin D can be synthesized in your body upon direct exposure to sunlight and it is also to be found naturally in a few types of food, like oily fish and egg yolk. According to recommendations, 10-15 minutes in the sun per day is enough to boost your vitamin-synthesis if you do not wear sun protection and at least 40% of your body is exposed to the UVB rays. Now that spring has finally arrived, you may have your morning scrambled egg with tuna or a bowl of cereals with milk in the garden, your lunch of salmon sushi in a park and you will be good to go. The mackerel and baby tomato salad in the evening will be just the icing on the Vitamin D cake. You will probably need some extra help as well to achieve the set daily intake but Vitamin D supplements are widespread, relatively cheap – and for people living in a country with less sunshine than Spain they are absolutely necessary!

But why would you object? Have I told you yet that Vitamin D increases sex-drive, too..? 😉

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