Coconut oil has become very popular in the last few years. In fact it has gone through quite a resurrection. It wasn’t so long ago that it was vilified for being high in saturated fat and cholesterol.

However, new research has now suggested saturated fat is not as bad as once first thought; as foods that contain cholesterol do not affect our own body levels; a fact that has now been concluded with eggs.

Benefits of coconut oil

The main beneficial saturated fat contained within coconut is lauric acid. When fats are saturated they are more stable at high temperatures making them better for cooking with.

Coconut oil is a medium chained fatty acid (MCT). MCT are used regularly within the realms of sport and physical activity as they’re a quick energy source with minimal digestion therefore reducing energy usage and stomach upsets too.

This makes the properties of coconut oil effective for weight management helping to balance out fat/muscle ratio.

Other anecdotal reports have made a case for it being effective for brain energy and, in some instances, people’s cognitive behaviour has been reported to be more  coherent when consuming coconut oil regularly.

Caprylic acid is also a component in coconut oil. This shows its value when it comes to combatting unwelcome microbes often resident in people’s guts with  candida. It also has an anti viral effect too which suggests it may reduce the occurrence of colds which are often instigated from a virus.

So far this has all been about the positive impact of coconut oil on us internally, however there are external and aesthetic plus points too! This versatile oil has begun to find favour again in more recent times thanks to its beauty benefits particularly when it comes to supporting skin and hair health.

To see the benefits of this amazing oil you will need to commit to taking it daily for eight to 12 weeks. It is not cheap but you are best to look for an “Extra virgin organic raw coconut oil”  which can be found for what is actually a reasonable price of £6.00, others can rise to £10.00 and more.

One jar should equate to about 1 month of usage. I’d suggest it is money well spent!

uses of coconut_2

Uses of coconut oil

Rather than taking this oil straight from the spoon here are some suggestions on how it can be easily incorporated daily into your diet:

– For coffee lovers you can add 1 tsp to your daily cuppa especially if you are wanting to extend energy levels for exercise.

– For those wanting to start the day with a smoothie add it to this again and extend the energy and boost skin health.

– Add to homemade flapjack, raw or cooked.

– Cooking stir frys boosted with complimentary flavours of lime and grated ginger.

– Or simply add to crackers or toast.

– For hair melt and add as a conditioner. Simple as that!

– Overall for skin and hair: beauty is from inside which extends outside.

Coconut oil may have been unfairly represented in less enlightened times, but now we know the truth about it we can enjoy its various benefits!

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