Food we love: An insight

So, you are ‘health conscious’, had your last chocolate almost 10 years ago and cannot remember the last time you gorged upon your favourite dessert? You eat only healthy and categorically consider desserts, chocolates, hamburgers as ‘suicidal foods’!

If the above statement holds true and describes your beliefs then congratulations, but beware complacency because you might be in for a surprise. Not everything that seems healthy…is healthy.


Read on to get an insight into the calorific value of your favourite foods.

• Soup:

Most of the brands these days are coming up with healthier variants of soups. This means (a) they aren’t as healthy yet and (b) they want to continue fooling us with false claims and fancy names.

Ever read nutritional information on the pack? These soups might be low in calories, but score very high on fat and sodium quotient making them very unhealthy for anyone suffering hypertension or people with coronary disease.

• Coffee:

We all love our daily cup of coffee and most of us believe it to be a low calorie beverage. True, black coffee is low in calories such as black coffee but the popular ones like cappuccino, latte and mocha can contain as many calories as carbonated drinks.

• Breakfast cereals:

Many people believe that ‘whole grain’ breakfast cereal like oats has many health benefits, but is it really true?

Yes, they are high in fibre, but they can be equally high in calories as well, one cup (81g) of rolled dry oats provides 311kcal and 9g of fat; this is almost equivalent in fat content to one portion of chips.

Even breakfast cereals with added fruits are high in sugars. They may provide anything from 340kcal to 580kcal per serving.

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• Condiments:

Condiments are an integral part of our daily meal. But have you ever considered the nutritional components of these taste enhancers? Though low on calories, pickles and sauces are very high in sodium content. For example one tablespoon of soy sauce has 914mg and one tablespoon of teriyaki sauce has 690mg of sodium.



• Breads:

Your favourite breakfast bread may be light on stomach, but pretty heavy on calories. Each croissant has 231kcal and 12g of fat, while a whole wheat pretzel (140g) can contain up to 408kcals. In fact cracked wheat bread (25g) and raisin bread (26g) are far healthier options, providing 65kcal and 71kcal respectively.

• Granola bars:

Most of us believe that these bars have high nutritional values and are a healthy snack option. But did you know that each granola bar can provide 115kcal to 190kcal of energy and 4g to 8g of fat? So, make sure to read nutritional information on the pack before you eat your next ‘healthy food’.

• Crepes:

Many of us would not believe that these thin pancakes can be so high in calories. Each crepe without a filling (102g) contains 230kcal and 11g of fat. Imagine the calories you consume after topping it with your favourite sauce.

• Nuts:

The health benefits of almonds, walnuts and pistachios are well known, but the calorific content may surprise you. Most nuts contain 70g to 80g of fat per 100g.

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So, when you are planning your weekly meal plan, beware – not all foods are as ‘good for you’ as they claim.

Written by: Priyanka Droga

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