How do you follow healthy eating when eating out? I am going to give you 10 tips that you will find very easy to remember.

When you eat out…

1. Before looking at the menu

Remember that you can eat healthy even when you are socializing. You have to bear in mind that being healthy is important to you and that you enjoy while having a healthy life and a healthy diet. Mindset is hugely important.

2. Then, remember the healthiest way of eating is following the Eatwell Plate

The “Eatwell Plate”  defines the recommendations on healthy diets which consists in is a pictorial summary of the main food groups and their recommended proportions for a healthy diet .Therefore, the best is to start by scanning the menu for salads and have a delicious salad as a starter.

3. However, if you have a big appetite

It is advisable to have a soup or consommé as a starter; Something low in calories that will start filling your stomach.

4. To decide the main course

Think about what you ate or will eat during the rest of the day. If you have meat in another meal, you could go for fish or seafood.

5. Remember again the Eatwell Plate and combine your starter

The main course should have protein rich food (like meat, fish, pulses, egg), carbohydrates rich food (such as rice, potato, pasta, bread) and plenty of vegetables. A simple way of doing that is ordering salad as a starter, fish or meat as a main course with two sides, one of carbohydrates like potatoes, and another of vegetables.

 healthy eating ingredients - restaurant

6. Be careful with dressings and sauces

Always ask for the dressings and sauces separately. I recommend to dress your salad with olive oil, vinegar and herbs.

7. Order your drink of choice and also water

Water is one of the most hydrating drinks for our body and the lowest in calories!

8. Try to avoid having dessert if you are full

If you fancy a treat, you could also share it with the other diners.

9. Sometimes it feels bad leaving food on the plate

Do not feel bad for leaving some food if you had enough. It is better for you to leave it than to eat it, if you had enough. You can also ask for a box to take it home. There is nothing wrong with that!

10. And, finally

Try to make your meal similar to the Eatwell plate, the more vegetables the better.


Remind yourself that you are healthy before looking at the menu, try to follow the Eatwell plate combining starter, main course and sides, watch out for sauces and extras, and do not overeat trying to finish your meal if you had enough. Enjoy your meal!

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