Hi Everybody, I hope you are fine and you like reading the celebrities weight loss transformations series. We have almost reached the end of it. We have one more to go and this time let`s see how Jake Gyllenhaal turned into the  Prince of Persia.

He built a hero`s body for this movie role that was not easy. To be honest to become an action hero is very hard work. If you have watched the movie you saw that he needed almost the same physique and agility like Chris Hemsworth as Thor because of the fighting and parkour scenes. He needed fast and athletic muscles.

His trainer Simon Waterson said “We had to build a functional, strong and agile physique capable of dealing with a huge workload and stresses.”


“The development of the character was massively physical at first, getting in shape and learning parkour, sword-fighting and the mentality of a warrior.” Gyllenhaal said


His trainer employed gym-based workouts incorporating functional plyometric and strength circuit training into his routine. They concentrated on movement, rather than muscle so his body would perform naturally.

They trained twice a day during pre-production, cardio in the morning and strength workout in the evening and 45 mins daily during the production.

In addition to his training routine, Gyllenhaal did a lot of gymnastic-based exercise to complement his parkour training. His trainer recommended to train heavily one body part daily.

The routine included the following:

– Morning: one-hour run with weighted vest, including 20 minutes in the sand.

Ten sets of plyometrics (squat thrusts, press ups, etc.), followed by five 25-metre hill sprints.

– Evening: in the gym, features plyometric circuit with five exercises, five times through. E.g. do 10 reps each of exercises like squat thrusts straight into a weighted wide pull up, medicine ball press ups (with one hand on the ground and one hand on the ball, jump-switching hands), overhead barbell squats (with a 20kg bar), and more.

– To work abdominal muscles, the midsection was attacked from different angles, working it every second day.

– Every workout includes proper warm-up, cool-down and stretching sessions.

Jake Gyllenhaal said. “There’s no reason to do a movie like this if you can’t do the stunts. It was all about functional fitness, being able to do everything that was asked of me. So I got into the best shape I could, with a whole lot of running, parkour training, circuit training and horseback riding.”

celeb weight loss transformations


Gyllenhaal’s nutrition plan called for six small meals throughout the day, each including protein, carbs and fats (allowing slow energy release throughout the day) and lots of water was critical.

He ate lots of salad, vegetables, lean meat and around 2g protein per kg of bodyweight per day to maintain and build muscles. Jake focused more on nutrition rather than quantity to build muscles in tandem with the hard-core exercises.

4.45am Pre-workout snack:
Espresso, banana, few dried fruits, nuts

7am Post-workout breakfast:
Protein shake. Egg white omelette on rye bread. Eating breakfast is important, especially when you are working out on a regular basis. It restores energy and allows you to go about the rest of your day without any physical restraints.

9am Early morning snack:
Protein shake

11am Mid-morning snack:
Apple or banana and handful of almonds and raisins

1pm Lunch:
Two chicken breasts with a huge salad of avocado, broccoli and other dark green leaves and vegetables

3pm Mid-afternoon snack:
Protein shake

7pm dinner
Steak with steamed vegetables or grilled chicken with couscous

Of course, just like any other movie star who had to look good and lean and fit on the screen, Jake had to avoid refined sugar and alcohol. He also consumed protein bars, dark chocolate and omega-3,6,9 fatty acids.

Eat lean and work hard, no no no, work harder if you want to look like the Prince of Persia.


(image credit: flickr)

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