In Part 1 yesterday this article introduced us to the best methods and techniques to not just shred fat but to keep it off for good! Here we continue by looking at four more invaluable tips to help you stay slim forever…


5. Grab a training buddy or join a group class That instagram hashtag #Coupleswhotraintogetherstaytogether – right! Having a training partner can have so many positive effects on your motivation levels inspiring you to keep looking your best and raising your game. For one you have accountability towards each other’s schedules and plans. There’s always an element of competition. You will have gained a spotting partner and extra set of eyes for technique. If you have a PT you can share the cost of training. If you’re thinking of joining a class there’s so many to choose from, you could try: boxing, HIIT, spin classes, bootcamps, running club and more. There’s really something for everyone and a nice social aspect to meet like-minded, goal driven people.

6. Get creative As they say, “Do the same and stay the same”. Have you ever tried training outdoors? Tried modified strongman training? Used a plyometric box, flipped a tire, dragged a sled or pushed a prowler? What about the stairs outside your house or on the way home from work? You could do a nice body weight circuit of squats, push ups, planks and skaters then power up the stairs! Right? Your training doesn’t have to be inside the gym performing a boring 3 sets of 10/12 reps on a pin loaded machine- get creative and try some new dynamic movements. how to stay slim forever_47. Track your results  Keeping your body fat measurements or fitness assessment scores is highly motivating. If you see the pounds start to stack on after a few weeks of slipping up the nutrition, partying a bit hard and maybe missing a few weeks of training. Seeing it starting to bulge the waistline maybe the kick you need to bounce back. I find with my private clients when they know I’m going to be measuring them at around 4 weeks, their training and discipline always seems to spark up a notch!

8. Find an experienced fitness professional The fitness professionals job is to consult, problem solve, execute a plan and get you to your goal safely, efficiently and as promptly as possible. The professional wants you to achieve the results just as much as you do as their reputation is at stake. Booking and paying for a session creates the assurance you’re going to not only show up but work your butt off. The trainer/coach will get you out of your comfort zone and prompt you to lift and perform in ways you never thought possible but also ensure you have qualified your body with the pre-requisite training, they know what movements will challenge for your level of fitness.

To conclude Try not to be emotionally attached to a particular plan or routine as that’s a sure fire way to fall down the slippery slope reaching plateaus, overtraining and fatigue. Other forms of training methodology can get you as good if not better results. Always have a training goal/outcome in mind and whilst training think about why you’re there, think of the dream body or performance outcome and then hit the next set.

Never jeopardise your health, so eat, sleep and train well and you can treat yourself from time to time as that’s part of the plan.

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