Smoothies might be considered a rare thing in the world of healthy nutrition and positive dietary choices – they are fun to make, great to consume and potentially wonderful for your health! Of course the benefits are determined by the ingredients, so lets just have a look at one here,  a true super ingredient – Kale!

So what is the big deal about kale? It is not really one of the ‘glamour foods’ or something you necessarily hear much about. But you should!

Kale has anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer and antioxidant properties. It is packed full of fibre, vitamins A, C, E, K, B vitamins, copper, magnesium, iron, calcium and copper. So from these two short sentences – there is enough going on with kale to persuade you to start bringing it into your diet in greater quantities, and there is not more efficient way of doing so than making your own smoothies.


Simple Green Smoothie

So here it is. An absolutely delicious, yummy juice that would boost your energy and immune system as well as rehydrate you. Packed full of vitamins and minerals necessary for the body to thrive. And not only that…it is simple to make and good fun, There is something hugely satisfying about blending your own inexpensive concoction in the full knowledge that it is going to be really good for you!

Here is everything you need to know about making a kale smoothie. 

Serves 2


2 handfuls of kale

1 apple

½ avocado

½ cucumber

Cup of coconut water


1. Place all ingredients in your blender, blend until smooth. Enjoy and feel your cells thanking you for the awesome nutrients!

And here is another that your body will be thanking you for:-

Total Detox Smoothie

kale smoothie recipies_2

Wonderful smoothie to cleanse the body of toxins and bacteria, adding nutrients in at the same time. Also gives the liver a boost!

Serves 2

Handful kale

Handful watercress

Juice of 1 lemon

Handful fresh parsley

4 sticks celery

1-inch ginger

I cup dandelion tea (prefer loose tea leaves)


1. Steep the tea in a cup of hot water, set aside and allow to cool (if in a hurry, allow to steep for 5 minutes and then add ice to cool)

2. Put all ingredients in a juicer or blender, juice and enjoy!

These two are a great start to your juicing programme and I am sure you will enjoy them. The wonderful thin about getting into juicing and making it part of your diet and culinary life, is that you are doing something that is positive and healthy, but you can also have a bit of fun with it. There is so much information out there – and so much information in here at WatchFit – that you can check out and try different blends and indulge in almost infinite varieties. Of course some will suit your palate better than others but it is something of an adventure and one that is all about doing you good!

For now give these kale smoothies a go in the knowledge you’ll be pumping your body full of great things!

Peace & fabulous health!

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