Summer time means new food routines. Outdoor eating, lighter meals, more on the go. Here are some super light & easy healthy summer recipes:
healthy summer recipesPhoto by  Magdalena Bibik

1. Salad Creativity

Think further than just lettuce and tomato – it’s time to let creativity come to the kitchen. Here is a suggestion for what you can bring into a salad that will be perfect for both a summer fest and a day at the beach.
– spinach
– pomegranate
– mango
– crumbled feta cheese
– onions
Serve with a chicken filet.

healthy summer recipes
Photo by Magdalena Bibik

2. Salmon Sensation Salad

This salad is a real hit! Boil salmon filet in the oven (175° up to 75°C – it will take you 10-20 minutes depending on your oven), with some honey, salt, peppar and whatever nuts and seeds that you have at home. Add ruccola, red beetroots and nectarines, vinaigrette dressing (1/2 olive oil, 1/2 vinegar, some salt and peppar), and you’re done!

healthy summer recipes
Photo by Magdalena Bibik

3. The Banana Cookie

The awesome alternative to a nutrition bar, perfect on the go or on the beach – or at the outdoor gym.

6 cookies:
– 2,5 dl oatmeal
– 1 dl mixed nuts
– 2 bananas
– 2 scoops protein powder
Bake them 6-8 minutes in 175° C

healthy summer recipes
Photo by Magdalena Bibik

4. Bring the Broccoli!

Here is yet another salad suggestion for you!

Pouch the salmon filet, boil some broccoli, asparagus and black quinoa. Add fresch spinach, some olive oil and some lemon zest. Enjoy warm or cold.

healthy summer recipes
Photo by Magdalena Bibik

5. Rawfood Balls – the best snack!

This is the easiest snack in the world to do. Put 250 grams of dried apricots (go for the ecologic ones if you can) in cold water for an hour. After that, cut them in small pieces. Mix 250 grams of cashew nuts – blend together, roll to 2 cm large balls, put in the fridge for one hour.

Enjoy a healthy and really tasty snack!

healthy summer recipes
Photo by Magdalena Bibik

6. Mozarella Caprese – the classic!

Nothing beats the classic! Slice mozarella cheese, tomatoes, spice up with salt and pepper, and put some basil on top. Ease up on the olive oil (if you need some – use a spray bottle to get the right amount), to make it more healthy.

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