Hummus  is a healthy vegetarian  source of  protein  and  healthy  fats. It  provides non dairy sources of   calcium and magnesium. It is traditionally eaten with pitta bread and part of mezze dishes with tabouleh and falafel.

The main essential ingredient is chickpeas, which are mixed with olive oil, tahini spread (made from sesame seeds),   garlic, and lemon  juice.  Overall it is a cheap good source of protein compared to meat. However, the shop versions are very high in salt, so a good reason to make it yourself. It takes no more than 5 to 10 minutes to make  in a small processor. To make it more interesting you can add spices  and other vegetables to vary the flavour.

To make it quickly just add tinned chickpeas and make sure they have no added salt.


All servings are for 4 people for main meals or 8 for snacks

Traditional hummus recipe

– 400g of  rinsed chickpeas
– 2 tbsp of tahini spread
– Half a cup of water
– 1 tbsp of extra virgin olive oil
– Juice of one lemon
– 2 cloves of crushed garlic

Add half the ingredients into a processor and blitz for a couple of minutes. Then add in remaining chickpeas. It’s also nice to eat the mixture with chunky pieces, so don’t blitz the second half as long.

Serve with wholemeal pitta strips, a leaves fresh green salad with black olives and tomatoes.

healthy homemade hummus recipes

Beetroot  hummus  

Make as above and  add 100g beetroot

Serve on a baked potato with green tomato and onion salsa.

Sweet red pepper hummus boats

Split a red pepper in half, drizzle dsp of  olive oil over and roast in the oven for 20 – 30 minutes at 200 C. Let it cool and chop into strips and add to second half of hummus and blitz until smooth.

Then  split 2 red bell peppers in half and add 2 tbsp  to each and serve with a mixed green salad drizzled with balsamic vinegar and the juice of an orange.

Hummus with yoghurt and fresh mint

– 400g drained chickpeas
– 150g low fat natural yoghurt
– 1 tbsp of freshly chopped mint
– Juice of one lemon
– 2 tbsp of olive oil
– Cup of water

Add half the chickpeas with all the other ingredients except the mint and blitz until smooth.

Then add the rest of the chickpeas and the mint and blitz until roughly mixed.

Serve with small strips of pitta bread, haddock and minted peas.

Sweet potato hummus

– 400g drained chickpeas
– 100g mashed sweet potato
– 2 tbsp of tahini paste
– 1 tbsp of olive oil
– Pinch of turmeric
– Pinch of curry powder
– Juice of one lemon
– Half a cup of water

Had half the chickpeas and all the other ingredients. Blitz until smooth. Then add the rest of the chickpeas and mix until slightly chunky.

Serve with mini potato wedges and crushed cooked broad beans infused with *lemon juice and mint.

*Add juice of 1 lemon to 1 tsp of finely chopped mint and drizzle over the broad beans.

So there you have it – 5 tasty versions of hummus for making quick and light meals for lunch, dinner or a snack. Enjoy!

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