Healthy & cookie dough are two words that don’t usually come hand in hand but it is now possible!

Cookie dough is loved so for its smooth and soft texture and uniquely sweet flavour makes it one of the most desired sweet treats!!

But sadly they’re also one of the most calorific things you can have as the dough is pretty much just made from butter and sugar. Hence I’ve decided and thought why we had to create this awesomeness that is these alternative cookie dough balls!


I think it is important to also know that you can create foods and things that taste amazing without just ladening it with sugar and fat.

With that in mind I created these so they would work having them as just a snack or treat after your meal, maybe having them pre workout too and most of all these would be great for kids!

They’re sweet and tasty, quick to make can easily be made with your children helping them develop a keen interest in food and learning to cook and are packed full of great nutrients!!

This is what you want the end of the day great tasting food, that makes you feel great and you know it’s full of all the essential things you need!

So let’s get makin, & bakin’!!



135g Cashew nuts
50g Oats
40g Almond Butter
20g melted butter or coconut oil
1-2 tbsp honey (I needed about 1.5)
1 tsp vanilla essence
Handful choc drops


BLEND all the ingredients together till smooth..


ROLL into small balls

PRESS in Chocolate drops


CHILL in the fridge for at least 30mins


BOOM! Damn I love it when it’s literally that easy to make something! Nearly as easy as making toast! But that reward is so much better! These little tasty morsels are just rolled up bundles of love and happiness!

They taste exactly like real cookie dough you wouldn’t be able to believe it wasn’t!! I found they were best when chilled then left at room temperature for 5-10mins before just eating the whole lot *cough* I mean one.

You bite in and immediately you’re taken back to the time when making cookies and eating the dough before you baked it! The soft moreish outer breaks away to the sweet velvety centre making you swoon as you are fully engulfed by the nostalgic flavours!


Honestly you will really enjoy this one quick and easy, tasty and unique recipe!

From Will, the guy who had to make a second batch after eating all of the first one

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